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All Paid Reports are manually prepared by our expert Vedic Astrologers

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Your astrology report would be delivered to you within 7 to 12 working days, Sunday is excluded.


All astrology reports are manually prepared by our astrologers. We do not provide software generated reports/predictions. Hence your patience is required to work efficiently.


All the astrology reports or readings would be sent by email only.


If by chance you havenít got your astrology report within promised time-frame (maximum 12 days), kindly email us at


How to order or service at Astromitra?


You can place an order or service online. At the time of placing the order, you would be asked to make online payment through your credit card (users living outside India only), Net Banking/Debit Card (users living in India only). After giving birth details and making online payment, you will get its confirmation via email at your email id.


If you are living in India, but don’t have a credit card, net banking account or debit card, in this case you can make payment via cheuqe or cash. To deposit the cash or cheuqe, you will need to visit nearest ICICI Bank.

Why should order online service?


There are several benefits of placing an online order at After receiving online order from you, it would be forwarded to one of our best panel astrologers to prepare the astrology report or giving astrology predictions according to your requirements.  Kindly note, our astrologers prepare all the astrology reports manually. We do not provide computer generated astrology reports or predictions.


We deliver all services by email in PDF or MS Word format. We do not provide paper copies by post at your postal address. So nobody can read or know about your order (astrology report) at your home or society. We really keep your details and information confidential.


Overall, you can order a service online and get your predictions via email without any hassle.

How should choose/order a service?


At we are providing several kinds of services to our users. For example if you are facing a specific problem in any area of your life and you want specific answer or solution of your problem, you should order “Ask a Question” service.


If you want to get predictions on your marriage or relationship, you should order “Marriage Predictions


If you wand a detailed astrology report on career, you should order “Career Report


For money, wealth and speculation, you should order a “Finance Report” or “Speculation Report


If you are looking to get predictions all about your life, “Detailed Life Predictions” is best option for you.


There are several astrology services at our website. Please explore the website and select a service according to your requirement. Still, if you are not able to decide which service you order, please email at with your requirements, we will suggest an appropriate service for you.


To prepare an astrology report for you, we will need your Date, time & place of birth.


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