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Aries (Aries Moon sign Predictions)


The person will be good looking with round eyes, lively pinkish complexion, weak physique, a black mole or wound on the body, fat thighs, fair pink Color, sign of lotus on hands and shakti line on the palm. The person will be endowed with fortune signs, ambitious, efficient at work, possessing leadership qualities, will be a frugal eater and aggressive. He will eat hot food. He will be fond of traveling, lively, fast walker, benevolent, courageous, fearful of disputes and arguments, engrossed in good deeds, respectful to brahmins, devoted to God and engrossed in religious activities and accumulation of wealth. He will be lazy in the initial stages of starting of work, keen to reside abroad, angry, humble, in spite of great achievements, favored by the state, talented, energetic, alternatively wealthy and impoverished, self-made, famous, fearful of loosing high position, interested in charity and philanthropy, affectionate towards subordinates and servants, dear to women, victorious in the society of males, a beloved husband and will be respectful to elders. He may be suffering from headache or head ailment due to hereditary reasons, severe fever, internal burning, acidity.


Taurus (Taurus Moon sign Prediction)


Persons born under Taurus rashi will be stable and firm natured, patient and tolerant, endowed with physical and mental tolerance and forbearing, having a dangerous and violent temper, collector of worldly comforts, capable of sacrificing everything for their beloved and unforgiving towards the people they hate. They are fond of beauty, music, art, good clothes and a happy and luxurious life. They will strive to acquire all luxuries. They will be stubborn and will have the ability to accomplish their plans and will give a lot of thought to trivial work. They will be practical about money matters and will be desirous of earning wealth and they will care about targets, not the medium. He will make friends after long consideration and will be devoted to his friend. He will bear responsibility in relation to his love affairs and family life.


Gemini (Gemini Moon sign Prediction)


The person will have reddish black eyes, good physique, generally a fair complexion, occasionally dark (as per other sources), a high nose, and curly hair, mark on face, active in appearance but lazy in daily work. The lord of Gemini is Mercury, so the person will be knowledgeable in Shastras, have a sharp brain, talented, endowed with poetic quality, humorous, studious, fond of reading books, will be skilled in logical arguments and also in conveying messages or in mediation. The native may be skilled at orator, short tempered, interested in chess, fond of dance and music, desirous of having strong friendships, favorite of teachers, keen to give charity, religious, have very fortunate, pleasant natured, happy in childhood, reared by two mothers, having few children, renowned, wealthy, talented, having firm intentions, able and judicious. The person will be excellent, well behaved, fond of sweets, pleasure loving, desired by all, engrossed in materialistic pleasures, involved in more than one business or changing business a number of times. He will be knowledgeable in sexual science, will be desirous of the company of opposite sex and will be under the influence of other women. He may suffer from ill health.


Cancer (Cancer Moon sign Prediction)


A person born under Cancer rashi will be very sensitive, very emotional, imaginative, and flexible and will be hard from outside but gentle inside. He will be faithful to his dear ones and elders and will be loyal to his duties. He will be interested in singing and will be happy in listening to music. His mind may be unstable but he will be endowed with intuitive powers. He will have a loving relationship with his family especially with his mother. He will be fearful of being insulted. Sometimes he will be very strict and at times he will be very vulnerable. He will be fond of eating sweets. He will be fond of traveling and in spite of being patriotic; he will be interested in traveling abroad. He will appear to be open-hearted and outspoken but actually he will hide a lot of things. Some of his main drawbacks will be impatience, flexibility,


Leo (Leo Moon sign Prediction)


The Lord of Leo is the Sun, so the person will have a big face with yellow eyes, broad chin, mole on the back, healthy and have a well built body. A person born under Leo rashi will be enlightened, valiant, bold, egoistic, arrogant, short tempered, aggressive, firm minded, clean hearted, fond of visiting places of natural beauty and fond of wandering in the jungles. The native will have a different view from the rest of the family, interested in migration having lack of stability at one place. The person will be interested in eating, pleasure loving, endowed with wealth, reputed in society, knowledgeable in fine arts, forerunner in war, a good orator, blessed with few sons or devoid of son, popular, sharp sighted, fond of fighting, victorious over enemies, desirous of travelling abroad, miserly and forgetful of all that he has learnt. Thieves may cause harm twice and there may be problems due to domestic quarrels. He may suffer from fever, gastric trouble, hunger, abdominal and dental pain and fear of cold, gastric trouble.


Virgo (Virgo Moon sign Prediction)


Mercury is the Lord of Virgo. A person born under this sign will have a beautiful face, shy eyes, lazy gait and walk, loose shoulders and arms, fragile body, soft voice and a mole on the secretive parts of the body. He will be endowed with female qualities, tender heart, pleasure loving, well behaved, will be devoid of son, will be having more daughters, capable of vanquishing enemies through intelligent thinking, honored as a genius and scholar of the Shastras, happily enjoying the wealth of others. He will be large hearted, slightly short-tempered but easily calmed. He will be punctual, eager to know the result of any work, interested in literature, successful in studies, manly, self made, not prone to accumulate wealth, inherit wealth, skilled in arts, knowledgeable in the Shastras, intelligent, benevolent, sympathetic, forgiving, prosperous, migrant, devoted to teachers, gods and Brahmins i.e. saintly people, religiously involved in karma, selfish, insincere in his affliction to friends and relatives, a dreamer and a satirist. He may be passionately attached to his wife, engrossed in materialistic pleasures, pleasure loving, sexually playful towards his wife. He may be occasionally worried because of his wife's bad.


Libra (Libra Moon sign Prediction)


Venus is the Lord of Libra and a person born under this sign will have a well-formed body, a high nose, beautiful eyes, lazy limbs and ordinary health. He will be well respected, intelligent, skilled at arts, valiant, devoted to Gods and Goddesses and Brahmins, engrossed in charity, will accumulate wealth and status through his own efforts and hard work. He will be energetic, impatient, judicious, truthful, and clever and possess excellent leadership qualities. He will be devoid of sons or have a few children. There might be a delay in favorable fortune. He will be skilled at buying and selling. This person will possess ten names that are synonyms of God but may be known by two names. He will be interested in traveling, charitable in religious causes, popular among friends, giving more emphasis to karma over fate, pleasure and relaxation loving, fond of tasty food, devoted to father, interested in music and poetry, migrant, very attached to children, always endeavoring to work for the benefit of the family, far seeing, endowed with horse, elephants and other vehicles. He will have affectionate relations with women, will love the females, may marry twice and may be under wife's influence, will have relations with many women and will have a devoted wife. He may suffer from diseases of the head, stomach and skin. He may suffer from ailments related to the part of the body below the navel like the urinary tract.


Scorpio (Scorpio Moon sign Prediction)


A person born under Scorpio rashi will have big eyes, broad chest, his thighs and knee will be round, will have whitish complexion, and may have the sign of a fish, a bird or a thunderbolt on the hands and legs. He could also have a lotus sign on his hands and legs. He will have a fast walk and forceful chin and nails. Mars is the Lord of Scorpio, therefore a person born under this sign will have a wicked nature, will be argumentative, will have a firm mind, may not be blessed fully by parents and teachers, worshipped in the royal household, openly well behaved but secretively engrossed in sinful deeds, jealous, inimical to friends, occasionally involved in fraud, uninterested in domestic work, lack of satisfaction, may give importance to formality, wicked by nature, used to hearing praises from others, greedy, lover of solitude, inclined to attain wealth in a crooked manner, troubled by enemies, bad company and other problems. He may attain a high post or honor from the king, the king may destroy his wealth, he may not have a brother, migrate since childhood, rich through industry, served by many servants, economically independent, troubled by domestic arguments, have a life full of problems, will always be interested in getting new experiences and be interested in difficult work. Spiritually enlightened but religiously unprogressive due to excess of sensuality. He will be successful in research, his wife is devoted but he will have illicit relations with other women. He will have an unhealthy childhood


Sagittarius (Sagittarius Moon sign Prediction)


Jupiter is the Lord of Sagittarius rashi and the person born under this sign will have a longish face, long neck, firm teeth, ears, fat arms, beautiful nails, strong bones and will be strong and energetic. They will be religious minded, will believe in worshipping Gods and Goddesses, will be intelligent, fortunate, pious, industrious, artistic, poetic, charitable, will inherit paternal wealth, will be friendly, will have excellent brothers, will be grateful, judicious, peace loving, will be influenced by love and not force, will be engrossed in the collection of things, will be self confident, calm natured, firm in friendship, having a philosophical view point, having few sons, will be soft spoken and truthful, frank, skilled at oratory, having a good sense of humor and satire, interested in living near water. He would love to work according to principles, will accumulate wealth secretively. He will be firm in intentions, careful, frugal and not extravagant. He will be skilled at using weapons, will be an enlightened lamp of the family, inclined to be curious about the future, possessing a vast friend circle, may not consider anything to be impossible,


Capricorn (Capricorn Moon sign Prediction)


Saturn is the Lord of Capricorn rashi. A person born under this sign will have beautiful eyes, thin waist; lower part of the body will be lean. He will be powerful, will have a firm face, round thighs, long neck and ears, black hair, a mole on the neck, round face, dark complexion and tall height, he will have patience, will be clever, sympathetic, favored by the king, fortunate. He will keep his word, devoted to his mother, ear his family, attain happiness, outwardly religious, knowledgeable in singing, Shastras, truthful, progressive, will be a religious soul, occasionally unsympathetic, famous, slightly short tempered, lacking hatred, not very enthusiastic, critical, endowed with physical, mental and spiritual energy, fond of wandering, fond of walking, ambitious at work, blessed by son, friends, having a good memory, determined, interested in poetry, famous, capable of producing enemies because of his behaviour and inimical friends. He will be engrossed with wife, will be infatuated towards a woman but will be careful about his self-respect. He will be fearful of the cold, suffering from gastric trouble and will suffer from..


Aquarius (Aquarius Moon sign Prediction)


Lord of Aquarius is Saturn, so a person born under this sign will have a long neck, visible nerves, dry and hairy body, long legs, fat thighs, broad face and waist, high nose, firm hands, broad forehead, beautiful eyes, will be lazy, will have a sign on the left hand, will be quiet, will have a stomach and sides like a frog, will have a mole on the face, armpit and chest. A person born under Aquarius rashi will be interested in religious activities; will be soft spoken, scholarly but jealous of other scholars and a lover of flowers and sandalwood. He will have loving relations with friends, fond of sweets, have an abnormal mind, fond of traveling, bold, knowledgeable in art and crafts, suffer ups and downs, engrossed in sinful and secretive deeds, desirous of taking the wealth of others, have few children, will fear of falling from a high post and will be fearful of water. He will have two wives, will have love affairs with other women and will be sensuous. In some Shastras, very inauspicious effect are given like foolishness, cheating..


Pisces ( Pisces Moon sign Prediction)


A person born under Pisces Rashi will be of mediocre height, will have a wide face, prominent ear bone, beautiful physique and attractive eyes and hair. Lord of Pisces is Jupiter, therefore, the person will be respectful, religious minded, interested in occult sciences and interested in the research of the unknown and supernatural powers. He will be independent minded, respectful towards his teachers and will be hospitable to guests. He will be thoughtful about self-benefit as well as benefit to others. He will be basically an idealistic person but he will stay far away from worldly activities and will always live in his dreams. He will have a developed power of imagination but he will not be successful in materializing it. He will be very sensitive and very impressionable and easily influenced by others. He enjoys water, will be fond of bathing and will be fond of sea journeys, and will be happy to live in places close to the water. He will be easily affected by beauty and will be sensitive and romantic in matters of love. He will be desirous to live a happy and luxurious life. He will be unable to control his expenditure. He will waste valuable time in deciding between resolution - irresolution, decision - indecision, asserting and not asserting, what is to be done and what is not to be done. He will display disbelief in many matters in spite of being capable, energetic and having a clear memory. He will be hopeful, polite, having good friends of flexible temperament and very dependent on friends. He will perform surprising and amazing deeds. He will be keen on fame and wealth..

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