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Libra 2015 Indian Astrology Horoscope

Libra 2015 Career and Financial Predictions: Your sign ruler Venus is transiting in 4th house of happiness along with Mars. Simultaneously, noble Jupiter is transiting in 10th house of career, recognition and social status. Undoubtedly such planetary transit is highly auspicious concerning your career and income. You're naturally a quick thinker and have a knack for adapting yourself to changing situations, sometimes discovering hidden talents in the process. Also you have the gift of the gab, which will, in fact stand you in very good stead if you're about to be put through your paces at an important interview. With Mercury in 4th house with Venus and Mars is also helpful when it comes to communication and expressing your views to seniors, boss and other people. An element of inspiration strikes just when you need it, enabling you to find the right words to express yourself forcefully. Altogether, you're feeling positive and able to set your foot on a more successful path.


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Libra 2015 Love and Marriage Predictions: With favorable cosmic trends, you will notice positive changes in your romantic relationship and married life as well. Snap out of it and start making your thoughts a reality. Team events are a win-win solution. You certainly have it in your power to make desirable changes at the domestic level during February. The least you can do is make a start, instead of anticipating obstacles and remaining exactly where you are in an unsatisfactory situation. An ancient philosopher once said that all life is driven by love and strife and all depends on these two forces being in the right kind of harmony. At the personal level, this is only too true, especially when it comes to amorous experiences. In view of February's ambiguous cosmic pattern, the forces of attraction are likely to run wild.


Libra 2015 Education Predictions: With 5th lord Saturn in 2nd house and its connection with Jupiter, you are expected to perform too well. There is no hesitation in making a positive prediction for education with such planetary transit in the beginning of the year. Except some minor hurdles, students are not going to face any major or significant difficulty concerning education. However, if you are going to appear in a specific exam or test, be prepared and focused. Overconfidence will only hurt your educational prospects, so be wary of it.


Libra 2015 Health Predictions: People born under the Libra moon sign or Libra ascendant are expected to have averaged health. With Venus transiting in Pisces with Ketu from February 16 to March 12, you may suffer from sluggish health and visiting to a hospital or doctor is likely.  The month of November is also indicating similar results. So take of your health and keep in mind, prevention is better than cure.



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