Libra Free Yearly Horoscope Predictions 2016

Libra Free Career Horoscope 2016

Year starts off with much to offer with respect to career and finance. Your ruling planet Venus and another key planet Saturn are both in same house i.e. 2nd house of wealth. You usually prefer to get yourself into a familiar groove where you can bring about improvements incrementally rather than in fits and starts. Yet there are times when the sheer force of necessity or even circumstance demands a far different approach. When this happens you crank up the gears and there's simply no stopping you!

One the other hand, Jupiter in 11th house of income and aspirations is also making a favorable connection with key houses. Now that the astrological picture is beginning to show a distinctly energizing influence, it's likely that your innate determination and sense of purpose is about to be propelled upwards.

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Libra Free Money Horoscope 2016

Undoubtedly, the 2016 is going to be a very promising year in terms of income and simultaneously you are likely to witness remarked improvements in your financial prospects. However, be wary of Rahu’s transit in Leo, which will start to transit in this royal sign from 2nd week of January to rest of the year. Better to avoid hasty decisions in personal or joint finances in the first and last quarters of year.

The demands on your resources are liable to get heavy and you'll be obliged to shuffle priorities in order to keep your budget on track. If you're married or work in partnership, don't be afraid to express your worries, especially if your partner appears set on an over-ambitious project.

This is where your down-to-Earth approach helps to steer the situation into a more profitable channel. Once Mars shifts away from a tricky area of your chart in the second week, the pressure is off and you have better scope for deciding what to spend your money on - particularly in regard to festive gifts. If there's an official matter bugging you, the solution is easier than you think.

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Libra Free Love & Marriage Horoscope 2016

The harmonizing influence of Jupiter over the 5th house of love is liable to make headway in the matters of love. If single, you will have very good chances of finding a like-minded partner who understands your feelings and acts according to them. There is a very strong possibility to evolve a long-term relationship this year.

If you are already married, peace and love will prevail. The domestic atmosphere is likely to remain full of happiness. At some moments, you will be stunned and mesmerized by the love and affection your partner shows for you! Though planets may craft some moments which may try to create a rift between both of you, in this case you should immediately come forward and fix the broken links. Don’t let the differences simmer, even for a while.

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