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Capricorn 2015 Indian Astrology Horoscope

Capricorn 2015 Career and Financial Predictions: With lord of ascendant Saturn in 11th house of gains and profits, you’re on the right track, so enjoy the journey. Exalted Mars in ascendant along with Venus will also boost your career and financial prospects in one way or another. Whether it's business as usual or a change you're looking for, everything appears to be steering you along the right tracks during February (and for several months to come).


Don't fret if you don't have an ideal world at present. It's a sense of realism and the ability to learn from experience that enables you to build up powerful inner resources for what the future has on offer. It's the two planets Saturn and Mars that seems to be dictating the pace in the coming weeks or months and what this calls for is a relatively cautious but far-seeing approach. Where you could make mistakes is by taking too much for granted or being a little too over-adventurous.


As a 2nd lord of wealth in 11th house of income, Saturn is definitely going to create fantastic sources of income. Welcome news gets the year off to a good start and gives you a clear mind when it comes to dealing with financial and commercial interests. There may be pressure on you to make things more efficient, but by keeping abreast of latest developments, you'll be amazed at the saving you can make. A minor tweak here and there could lead to large-scale benefits. Get wise!


Capricorn 2015 Love and Marriage Predictions: If you single, there’s something in your nature that never feels totally happy with things as they are. In other words, you're a restless spirit, always seeking fresh experiences and who quickly gets bored if something goes on for too long. It can be a real problem when it comes to finding a kindred soul, someone you can relate to on more than just a superficial level.


If you are already in a relationship, try your hardest to include your partner in your own activities and arrangements during the 2015, otherwise you'll probably end up being accused of living in a world of your own. As matters closer to home are highlighted it would be a good policy to clarify any differences of opinion over domestic arrangements, especially if circumstances point towards the need for change.


Capricorn 2015 Family and Personal relationship Horoscope: Domestic interests seem to be the main centre of gravity in your scheme of things throughout the year ahead. This is where you're most likely to experience an enrichment of your life and a feeling that the Fates are on your side.


Added confidence empowers you to create the kind of living space that you have only dreamed about. The key word is 'expansion'; so if you want somewhere more spacious, luck is on your side. A changing pattern of circumstances opens a new chapter in your life.


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