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This Privacy Statement explains our views and practices concerning privacy, and how they may pertain to you as a user of our website.


In the event that a person excluded from this website because of the Terms of Use or from denial of service by the website, who nonetheless unlawfully views this site, that person remains subject to the terms of this Privacy Policy and is in violation of the Terms of Use.




To buy a service or product from this website, user has to register himself/herself. At the time of registration, we will take below information from user:


1- Birth Details
2- Birth City
3- Birth Country
4- Email Address


Registration is not required to access free services and visit the website.




Customer satisfaction is important to us here at

- A Refund policy is available. A full refund will only be given if we fail to deliver the service or product.
- Full refund if user has paid twice for same product/service.
- If we are ready to deliver the product or service, we will not allow any refund.




If any user will purchase any product or service on this website, payment would be conducted via PayPal ( or CC Avenue (


Online ordering via SSL encrypted communication provided by shopping cart services supporting merchant service companies like Visa and Master Card provides information to the website but does not provide complete credit card numbers. In the process of online ordering, the customer provides, name, address, city, state, email address, phone number, CVV2 (back of card) number, and, occasionally a member password. You should consider all this information available to the website. This information is used to deliver the product, but under the Purchase Agreement you also approve its use for general solicitation purposes.




Website visitors who wish to communicate with the website do so under two conditions: one, they give their permission for contact by the website; two, they are subject to any “submission” provisions of the Terms of Use, Purchase Agreement, or this Privacy Policy. While your email address may or may not be used to solicit you, it is added to the website’s general solicitation database. We reserve the right to contact you regarding your account status and changes to subscriber agreements, Privacy Policy, customer service issues, announcements of site issues or any other policies or agreements relevant to you.




You may direct questions, comments or reports about this Privacy Policy, the Terms of Use, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this website to:




This Privacy Policy is dynamic. It will continually change. You may not assume that it remains the same and you agree to check the policy each time you visit the site for changes. It is your responsibility to check online for any changes to the Privacy Policy.




This Privacy Policy is used under license. The copyright is owned by Cosmic Media Services.

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