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Pramod Sharma Best AstrologerHi friends, this is Pramod Sharma. I am world renowned professional Indian Vedic astrologer based in New Delhi - NCR, capital of India. I am one of those fortunate astrologers who have born in India and their ancestors were also involved in astrology! My grand-father was an eminent astrologer and expert in all branches of Hindu astrology, including mundane astrology. He taught astrology to my father and in turn my father passed on his astrological knowledge to me. Not always, but being born into an astrologers family usually gives you an advantage of learning astrology since the childhood and simultaneously in a methodical manner also. 


So I am really thankful that God chose me to born into a religious, cultured, Satwik and Brahmin family. All it could happen due to Karmas of my past birth (s), so I am a fortunate person, indeed.


My eventual goal as an astrologer is to make my clients successful, prosperous and dilute the ill-effects of planetary positions in their horoscopes. I have gained in-depth knowledge of how astrology can help human beings in improving their lives in an effective manner.


Whatever we are rich, poor, happy or miserable; it is result of our karmas of past birth (s). If fortunately we committed good deeds in past lives, we are living a peaceful and prosperous life in this birth. And we are getting maximum benefits with minimum efforts.


On the other hand, if we had done something wrong or unethical in previous birth (s), definitely we will have to pay for those acts in this birth. As a result, our efforts wouldn’t bear fruits and we have to live in misery. Despite, our best efforts and in-depth knowledge in subject, we can’t succeed because our past Karmas are following us.


As being an expert astrologer, I can easily assess your horoscope to tell you whether you have to enjoy good or bad Karmas in this birth. Good karmas will give you plenty of comforts whereas Bad karmas will cause obstacles and scarcity only.


Besides providing horoscope readings for marriage, children, career, money, health, travel etc. I will give suggest astrological remedies also to warding off your problems.


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