Taurus Free Yearly Horoscope Predictions 2016

Looks like a promising year ahead for people born in Taurus sign or ascendant. Though transiting Jupiter in 4th house of your yearly horoscope will continue to disrupt your domestic affairs, nothing can thwart your career progress. A change in residence can happen unexpectedly. On domestic front, thing can settle down after August 2016.

Taurus Free Career Horoscope 2016

The ruler of 10th house of career Saturn and your ruling planet Venus are both riding high in the beginning of your yearly horoscope 2016. And fortunately both these key planets will continue to favor people born in Taurus sign throughout the 2016. It looks like obstacles fade into the background and your way ahead looks smooth. This will be helped greatly by the friendly atmosphere surrounding you and your ability to get along well with both colleagues and bosses.

This trend is further supported by your another key planet Mercury in yearly horoscope. You're a naturally cooperative sort of person and, though there might be an element of disagreement to sort out in the first week, you can expect to achieve good working relationships at all levels from the 2nd week of February onwards. It's a time when you can further your goals by cultivating a subtle approach, a kind of Taoist strategy of non-interference. By learning to let things be, you'll get to know intuitively when the time is nee for making your next major move.

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Taurus Free Money Horoscope 2016

Planets are implying, stand back and try to look at your problems differently. This is how your yearly horoscope for 2016 will be unfolding numerous ways to success. Sometimes when you're facing a big decision or a potential change of direction, you need a different angle on what's already there. Even though there are one or two hidden pitfalls that could ambush your financial interests, the underlying trend is decidedly favorable.

It’s Jupiter in astrology which actually signifies wealth, property and abundance in a chart, but unfortunately in your yearly horoscope for finance and wealth 2016, the Jupiter isn’t passing though a favorable house at least up to first two weeks of August. To counter the negativity of Jupiter, all you have to do is make a slight readjustment in your way of looking at the prevailing situation. It's not a case of attacking a problem head on, as this can makes matters worse. If you can do so, then rest of things will be perfectly handled by Mercury, your ruler of 9th house of fortunes and 2nd house of accumulated wealth.

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Taurus Free Love & Marriage Horoscope 2016

Be prepared to take the initiative but don't be a tease. Whether you're attached or looking for love. If you born in Taurus, this promises to be a favorable year ahead for relationships. However, things are likely to flow better if you put your partner’s needs first, take the initiative and set the agenda.

Those of you on the lookout for someone new may find there's more than one individual vying for your attention. Nevertheless, be patient. Don't give your heart away too easily, but at the same time don't pressure an unclear situation before it's even had a chance to develop.

Surely there is a lot excitement is to unfold in yearly horoscope 2016 for each person born under Taurus. It's not that you should play hard to get but not everyone will be looking for more than a brief encounter. The area of study, travel and spiritual pursuits could be fertile ground for romantic opportunities.

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