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Leo 2014 Indian Astrology Horoscope

The year can start on a positive note for those who are born under Leo sign. In the starting of the year your sign ruler Sun will be transiting in 5th house of wisdom along with Mercury. Undoubtedly fortune and density both are on your side. You will have opportunity to sign some lucrative deals. Money can come from all the possible sources. Your investment will bear the fruits as Mercury being the ruler of your accumulated wealth and profits is going through 5th house of unexpected gains.  Career and finance wise you are in a very strong position, though retrograde Venus in 6th house can produce some challenges at work. No wonder if your work burden or responsibilities are increasing now.  Enjoy it.


Though I am not expecting any major hurdle till the middle of June, retrogression of Saturn from 2nd of March 2014 to 21st of July 2014 can bring some troubles in life. Especially it is your communication that would be afflicted. As a result you wouldn’t able to express yourself in an effective or required manner. You can be misunderstood by your friends, coworkers, neighbors, relative and even by your siblings too. Don’t speak anything before thinking properly about it. Being diplomatic can help you rather than being rigid and outspoken.


The period from 2nd of March 2014 to 21st of July 2014 is expected to mess your relationships also.  Your relations with your partner wouldn’t remain as cordial as used to be.  Unexpected arguments can spoil the domestic happiness. If your relationship is already tensed and it is beyond repairing then separation can take place now.  It is critical phase. Extra care should be taken. Health of your spouse may also take the peace of mind away.



Vedic Remedies: Worship cow, feed her and perform Navgraha Hoamam. Transit Jupiter in the 10th house is not good. So visit Vishnu temple on Thursday and light Desi Ghee Lamp before Him. Pray to your Family deity frequently. Perform the rituals for your forefathers regularly.

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