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Leo 2015 Indian Astrology Horoscope

Leo 2015 Career and Finance Predictions: For the people born under the Leo Moon sign or ascendant, this year is going to be a fantastic year. Though your 5th lord Jupiter is transiting through 12th house, you will able to handle any sort of situation with your effective management skills. Transiting exalted Mars in 6th house of competition will give an edge over your competitors. Mars is further strengthened by Mercury and Venus. Though first quarter of the year is showing some expenditure, you have a great opportunity to pull your financial affairs into better shape. If it's specialist advice you're after, don't waste time. Instead of trying to muddle through, hoping for the right solution to appear, you'd be doing yourself a huge favor by attacking any financial problems in a practical manner. The period from middle of March to middle of April may produce some challenges, so be prepared and make a proper strategy to counter any possible hurdle. From the beginning of the May to end of July, you will be excelling in career.  


सिंह राशिफल 2015 हिंदी में जानिये


Leo 2015 Love and Marriage Predictions: If you are one of those lucky people who are born under Leo moon sign or ascendant, you are expected to make significant headway in love and marriage. Romance could come on like wildfire and carry you to the heights of bliss, but it's also likely to leave you feeling emotionally frazzled and mentally puzzled. There won't be any dull moments and it'll be good - while it lasts! If you are married, this year is going to soften any hard angles in your relationship. However the period from middle of February to middle of April seems to create rift in relationship, so control your aggression and sensitive nature. Do not say something spontaneously, which can hurt your partner.


Leo 2015 Education Predictions: For the students born under the Leo moon sign or Leo ascendant 2015 is going to give mixed results. With 5th lord Jupiter in 12th house, you will be suffering from lack of interest in studies and concentration. Despite spending three to fours on studies, you would not able to make a desired progress. Worshipping Goddess Saraswati can dilute the negative impact of planetary transit.


Leo 2015 Travel Predictions: You will have plenty of traveling between February and March. A long awaited foreign or long distance traveling may occur. The period from November to December is also showing favorable and profitable journeys.  


Leo 2015 Health Predictions: Health seems to be deteriorated from 2nd half of February to middle of March and middle of July to middle of August. So take care of your and take preventive steps.

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