Aquarius Free Yearly Horoscope Predictions 2016

Aquarius Free Career Horoscope 2016

With your ruling planet Saturn in 10th house and that too with another key planet Venus, the focus is on you and personal hopes and dreams. You have an unusual and highly significant astrological pattern taking shape as the year draws to a close. All planets, including the Jupiter are going through favorable house of your yearly horoscope, putting a powerful accent on the need for solid foundations. It's not what's going on in the world that's in focus: it's what's going on within you. Your thoughts, ideals, feelings and aspirations are reshaping themselves in mysterious ways.

How this ultimately pans out in terms of career interests is almost certain to give you a clearer sense of direction and a firmer handle on your destiny. If you feel that things are in a state of suspense at present, you should trust your own deeper instincts and be prepared to bide your time for a while.

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Aquarius Free Money Horoscope 2016

The favorable connection of Jupiter with 11th house hints an unexpected source may wield some extra cash.

The Jupiter, planet of fortunes of abundance, couldn't be in a more helpful position in your yearly horoscope. It is just what you need when it comes to organizing your spending for the festivities. Basically, you can expect an easy cash flow for most of year and should have little difficulty sorting out any problems.

It could mean that you're the recipient of an added bonus, as there's the promise of extra cash coming from an unexpected source, such as a lucky windfall, gift or rebate. On the other hand, the influence of Venus and Saturn gives you good taste and Judgment in deciding on appropriate gifts for friends and family. Provided you don't get carried away by too much extravagance, you'll arrive at the end of the year with your bank balance still relatively buoyant.

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Aquarius Free Love & Marriage Horoscope 2016

The planet of love and affection, the Venus, is in 10th house, whereas 7th house of long-term relationship and marriage in yearly horoscope is occupied by Jupiter. Whether you're hoping to meet your affinity or already have a partner, you're unlikely to have any cause for complaint as the festive season comes around once more. New romance is liable to take you by surprise, and you'll realize that someone you've been on nodding terms with for several months is suddenly drawn into a closer orbit.

You'll probably end up kicking yourself for being so slow to see the obvious. Watch out for warning signals, though, if a sudden passion takes hold of you. The person you fancy might seem like a dream, but the situation could turn into a nightmare. Be wary of the slick chat-up line and don't let your usual critical faculties slip. Provided you can avoid this kind of scenario, it looks like you're on course for a happy ending.

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