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Virgo 2015 Indian Astrology Horoscope

Virgo 2015 Career and Financial Predictions: Those born under the Virgo moon sign or Virgo ascendant can expect some significant changes in career. In the beginning of the year, your ruler of 1st house and 10th house Mercury is transiting through 5th house of creative and management along with Venus. With these two important planets in the same sign, cosmic trends paint a picture of optimism and expansion, and after what may have been an uphill grind you'll finally begin to feel that things are falling into place. Basically, you have a fortunate year in view, with luck and opportunity beckoning from just about every angle. Much depends, of course, on your level of preparation and willingness to be more experimental. You will have chance to get a promotion and increment. Your dedication towards the work can impress your seniors and boss which, in turn, can boost your career prospects.  However the month of April seems bit difficult for career and monetary gains. Somehow you may lose your grip at work and focus may deviate to something else. As a result unwanted hurdles may dominate throughout the month. Anyway situation will turn around in your favor again from May to July.

Virgo 2o15 Love and Marriage Predictions: For the people born under the Virgo moon sign or Virgo ascendant, this year seem to give lousy results concerning relationship, love and marriage. With Ketu in 7th house of marriage and long-term relationship, you can expect strained relations with your partner, spouse and other family members.  Though you will try to pleas your partner, unfortunately somehow you may not succeed in doing so. This negativity can further supported or strengthen by mutual aspect with your 7th house ruler Jupiter and 6th house Mars. Some of the debates or arguments between you and your partner may take nasty turn, and your partner may turn violent unnecessarily. Better to avoid all possible disputable situations. Things may turn around nicely from the second week of April; consequently you may improve your relationship in a desired manner. Be wary between November and December as this period may cause some troubles since of love affair or illicit relationship. Be war of unethical love affairs.


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Virgo 2o15 Education Predictions: With favorable planetary transit in the beginning of the year, you are expected to excel in studies. Simultaneously you are likely to score high and desired marks and grades. Keep in mind, being confident is good, but overconfidence can hurt your education prospects. Keep your feet on ground and devote as much as possible time to studies.


Virgo 2o15 Travel Predictions: Planetary transit is indicating that you may get various opportunities to travel abroad and long distance places, especially the period from January to March is highly favorable for pleasant and profitable journeys. This year also indicates about change in residence. If you are already planning to shift to a different city, country or a place, it’s certainly going to happen.


Virgo 2o15 Health Predictions: Cosmic trends throughout this year aren’t favorable concerning your health. The short period from January to April is signaling about some sort of accident or mishap. Be careful and don’t drive carelessly.



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