Cancer Free Yearly Horoscope Predictions 2016

Cancer Free Career Horoscope 2016

An exciting start of the year is promised for the career-minded. People born in Cancer can except for a few provisos, there's no reason to hide your light under a stone if an opportunity appears on your horizon. About the provisos, these shouldn't amount to a major hurdle if you have a clear vision of your goals.

On 9th of January Rahu moves into 2nd house of your year horoscope for 2016, it means that you could take a wrong turn if you allow impatience or external pressures to get the better of you. In other words, you need to be absolutely clear and honest about your level of competence.

The astrological picture is a bit two faced. Your ruling planet activates the topmost sector of your chart, signaling a progressive trend and a self-confident approach. However, transiting Saturn in Scorpio takes a reverse step and warns you not to move too quickly, especially from last week of March to second week of August. The sky is only the limit if your launch pad works.

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Cancer Free Money Horoscope 2016

With key planet Jupiter in area of wealth, you can expect a smooth and stable flow of funds. After a frustrating phase of financial juggling, you begin to move on a smoother track as key planets favors you. This should put you in an easier state of mind when it comes buying gifts and ensuring everyone has a great time in festive season.

In this financial horoscope for 2016, some of your important planets are liable to ensure you have some good opportunities to consolidate your financial prospects and see a rise in this vital sector of life. That’s why there seems to be an underlying focus on the need to reconsider and restructure your approach to money and material needs generally.

Whereas, previously you probably didn't pay much attention to details or longer-term issues, the pendulum is now swinging in the opposite direction and you're taking a more serious angle on the way you organize both personal and joint financial interests.

With Rahu in area of finance, there may still be a few glitches to iron out, but the prospect is now looking brighter for the year ahead.

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Cancer Free Love & Marriage Horoscope 2016

The Saturn, ruler of 7th house of marriage and long-term relationship, is transiting in 5th house of love and courtship. In the beginning of the month, this Saturn is conjoined with the planet of Love Venus, signaling a romantic year ahead for people born in Cancer sign or ascendant. There's magic in new beginnings, especially where affairs of the heart are concerned. There appears to be subtle magic woven into the events of this year. It's what takes shape in the background that has the greatest of s1gnif1cance at this time.

Though astrologically it seem a fruitful years with respect to love and long-term relationship, but you will need to be watchful and go slow bet from last week of March to middle of August. During this said period Saturn will remain retrogrades and in 5th house of romance, it may adversely affect your personal relationship. Not have to too many expectations from our partner and avoiding discourse over controversial topics and subjects is the only way to deal with this difficult transit of Saturn.

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