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Cancer 2015 Indian Astrology Horoscope

Cancer 2015 Career and Finance Predictions: For the people born under the cancer moon sign or Cancer ascendant, this year seems to start off with some tensions in professional life. With 2nd lord of accumulated wealth and bank balance Sun in 6th house of loans and debts, expenditures may remain on higher side than income. Retrograded Jupiter in your sign may further strengthen the negativity of Sun. Make the most of the relatively steady pace in the coming weeks to focus on getting your financial act together. This is not the year to take undue risks, even though transiting Jupiter in 1st house and Saturn in 5th house might be sending you temptations. Before splashing out on anything new think twice. If in doubt, don't! The trend is not so supportive; it demands an amount of realism. As Mars enters into Aries and joins Venus already transiting this sign, situation will start to improve from last week of March and will continue up to middle of June. During this short period of time, you will able to reap the fruits of your hard work. Accept opportunities, but be careful about taking your chances - be selective It's what takes shape off-stage that has an aura of importance throughout  this period, but this doesn't mean you should jump to conclusions  at the slightest hint of opportunity.   The period from middle of June to end of July may test your patience as planetary transits may produce unexpected challenges in career. From middle of September to end of December, in a strange sort of way you might be feeling lucky, and there's every reason to believe that this will be justified.  But it would be only too easy to bite off more than you can comfortable chew!


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Cancer 2015 Love and Marriage Predictions: For people born under the Cancer Moon sign or ascendant, this year may prove bit challenging in terms of love and relationship. If you are already married then your married life may go through a dull phase. With Saturn in 5th house in sign of Scorpio, you might find it hard to keep everyone happy. Cancer parents are advised to monitor the health and behavior of youngsters. If you get the slightest hint that not all is well, be ready to move into action. If you are single or in a relationship with someone, you will be tremulously tempted by opposite sex or you partner.  With Venus and Mars in 7th house, seduction and spending time with your love would be at the top of your list


Cancer 2015 Education Predictions: With Saturn in 5th house and Mars with Mercury, the first quarter of the year isn’t good for studies. It wouldn’t be a cup of tea to concentrate on studies. Your involvement in unproductive activities will make careless. Over-confidence may also ruin your chances. If good results are expected, do your level best.


Cancer 2015 Travel Predictions: Journeys pertaining to career and business may yield fabulous results after March 2015.  


Cancer 2015 Health Predictions: For the people born under the Cancer moon sign or ascendant, first half of the year seems bit hectic. Staying healthy and fit might be on of greatest challenges you are likely to encounter this year.

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