Cancer Free Yearly Horoscope Predictions 2018

Cancer Career and Business Horoscope 2018

Mars, the ruler of 10th house of career, is transiting through 4th house of happiness and comforts. Nothing could be better than this to start off the year on the positive note. Ample opportunities would be there to rise in career. But you will need to stay alert from first week of May to first week of November 2018. During this time your ruler of career will be in contact with evil house. So make decisions wisely and take your time and make sure that you take an informed decision that suits your needs.

Actually, you have to accomplish or at least initiate all your ambitious projects prior to May 2018. After that, be on your guards against potential setbacks and losses.

Cancer Money and Finance Horoscope 2018

Though some difficulties are in seen in the early stage of 2018, situation will change rapidly from March 16 onwards. So you are advised to keep an eye on your spending and hasty investments. Don’t be swayed by false promises and schemes that boast to double your money or at least touted to give unbelievable returns.

Let the first 2 or months passes peacefully, and then reap the benefits of your wisdom though the rest of the year. You will get every opportunity to increase your profits or earnings throughout the year, especially after October 2018.

Cancer Love & Relationship Horoscope 2018

Year starts off with Mercury in the area of love. Certainly, it’s not what is needed to find a like-minded partner and prepare the foundation that may eventually come in handy to form a lasting and thriving relationship. What sometimes puzzles you about romantic attachments is that you fail to understand why the other person gets a bit ratty with you at times.

The reason is that you rarely give the kind of emotional response that most people expect and this can make you appear rather too cool, detached or just a bit strange.

Cancer Marriage/Family Horoscope 2018

If you are already married or in a long-term committed relationship, then 2018 may threaten the marital harmony greatly as the dreaded Ketu is traversing through the house of relationships. Planetary alignment this year is likely to test the commitment and love you have for your partner, only true love will able to withstand the mounting pressure. It's never a good omen for you if a lack of communication makes its presence felt in a relationship. If you feel that a certain fissure has opened up between you and your partner in recent months, it's no good simply letting it grow into an unbridgeable chasm.

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