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Aries 2014 Indian Astrology Horoscope

Career and Income:  Dear Aries, year starts with your ruler Mars in 6th house in sign of Virgo, it will remain in Virgo until February 4th. Generally Mars feels comfortable in 6th house and Virgo as well. In other words, we can say that Mars is well set to make some monumental changes in your professional life. Your career ruler Saturn is going through its sign of exaltation, it will also help you in achieving the target that you have set. You will certainly excel in career or business. You will have tremendous confidence and enthusiasm to carry out day to day task and you can tackle all possible adverse situations that come to your way. However, things wouldn’t work in your favor when Mars is transiting into Libra from 4th of February to 25th of March. So make wise decisions and don’t allow others to control you mind. If possible during this time you should stay away from making risky decisions and try to adhere to your ongoing business or job instead of initiating new one otherwise you can find yourself into a trouble.


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On 25th of March 2014, your ruler Mars is all set to turn retrograded and it will start to transit in Virgo again. Here it will stay upto 14th of July 2014. It can prove a good time for you. Fortunately throughout this time, Venus, controller of your wealth, will also going through favorable houses. So you can get good chances to increase your income and profits. At the same time you will find yourself full of tremendous energy and will remain in a position to do your level best. Success can be yours whatever you undertake now. Career and finance wise it can be one of the best transits of this year. In the meanwhile, Jupiter, the ruler of your destiny, will move into Cancer from Gemini on 19th June 2014. By virtue of transiting into sign of its exaltation, Jupiter can also swing the deals in your favor. So professionally you seem in a very strong position from last weak of March to almost middle of July.


On 14th of July 2014 itself Mars will start to transit in Libra and it will remain in this till the end of 5th of September 2014 as on this day it is going to enter into Scorpio. Mars will remain in Scorpio upto 18th of October 2014. Certainly transit of Mars in Libra and Scorpio can produce some challenges for you. You really need to be careful and try to shift your focus from unproductive activities to your business or service.  You are also suggested to refrain from getting indulge in any sort of adventurous and illegal activity. Restrict yourself from being a part of any conspiracy also. Nevertheless the time in which Mars goes through Scorpio can be used to do to meditation and some sort of Sadhna. It can refresh your inner energy and bring mental peace and satisfaction as well.


The last phase of the year, from middle of October to end of December, seems to provide desired results as far as your career and finance related matters are concerned.


Relationship/Marriage/Love: Relationship wise it is going to be a moderate year. Actually this is the year when you can encounter some unpleasant situations in personal life as Rahu is going through 7th of house marriage. Unfortunately Rahu is not the only planet that is going through house of relationships and marriage, another malefic planet Saturn is also transiting in this sensitive house. So relationship whether is it personal or professional will demand most of your attention. Maintaining cordial relationship with the partner can be more challenging than usual. If you are one of those whose relationship is already on the verge of breaking up then surely planetary transit this year is going to aggravate tensions. Frustration would be growing up day by day and the efforts which you have put in order to pacify the rampant circumstances may not yield expected results. Differences between you and your partner can be mounting aggressively from February 2nd 2014 to March 25th 2014 and July 14th 2014 to September 5th 2014. So care should be taken during this time. It is likely that the month of August, November and December can bring some relief for you where relationship and marriage is concerned.


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Education/Students: Students can excel in their studies. If you are planning to resume your studies or interested in a doing a new course to hone your professional skills, it can be good year to do so.


Health: You can suffer due to certain ailments. Enjoying a robust health wouldn’t be so easy. Control your eating habits and avoid oily and spicy foods. Keep guard up to protect against health problems.


Vedic Remedies: Reciting Hanuman in the morning can reduce your problems to a good extent. Visiting Bhairav and Shani temple can be beneficial for you.


Kindly note, exact results can depend on the planetary position in your natal chart and Dasha-Bhukti which is activated at the moment.


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