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Scorpio 2015 Indian Astrology Horoscope

Scorpio 2015 Career and Financial Predictions: With Saturn in your sign or ascendant and its influence over the 10th house of career, things can get bit delayed. Saturn may create some obstacles as well. However your increased confidence and well planned strategy wouldn’t let it affect your career too much. Transiting Mars in 3rd house of your horoscope is fully capable to counter negative influence of Saturn. Don’t focus too much on life’s game of Roulette, let things roll, but look out for new opportunities. Sometimes life can resemble the throwing of dice and you might even get to the point where you begin to feel that it's all just a game. But if you look at it closely, this is just part of a larger cycle - like day and night, or breathing in and out. There is a positive and a negative and all depend on your level of insight and maturity to keep these elements in proportion.


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At present, it looks like you're moving into the positive phase of a cycle and it would do no good to tell yourself it's not worth the effort. It does no harm to indulge in a bit of lateral drift occasionally or to wait and see what turns up, but you need to be alert for potential opportunities and be ready to follow up a line of inquiry if something stirs your interest.


Scorpio 2015 Love and Marriage Predictions: This year seems to encourage your personal relationships, married life and love affair in a very positive and enthusiastic way. Transiting Venus and Mars in same house are all set to give an electric start to your romantic mood. However, experience has taught you that love is not exactly predictable and that feelings can change in a rather dizzying way at times. It's like you're caught in a maze and believe you'll never make it to the centre. But now that the planets are turning some very secretive keys it won't be long before a new door swings open and you come face to face with someone you've long dreamed about.


Scorpio 2015 Education Predictions: With Ketu in 5th house of education and retrograded Jupiter in Cancer, this year doesn’t have too much in store for you. If want desired marks or grades, certainly you will need to work hard.  Avoid over- indulgence in useless or unproductive activities and as far as possible try to stay focused and prepared to handle obstacles that are likely to hinder your way.


Scorpio 2015 Travel Predictions: The planetary transit this year is producing a strong possibility that you may change your current residence. You are likely to shift into a new house or city. Planets are also indicating a fruitful foreign traveling in 2015.


Scorpio 2015 health Predictions: You are more likely you enjoy good health compared to previous year. However chronic diseases may disturb you now and then. The period from middle of February to end of March and from middle of July to end of July can prove inauspicious concerning health. So take of your health and take preventive measures.


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