Scorpio Free Yearly Horoscope Predictions 2016

Scorpio Free Career Horoscope 2016

As the house of career is influenced by two major planets i.e. Saturn and Jupiter, you may get the feeling of having to run ever faster to stay on the same spot early in the year. Brace yourself for what could be a fairly hectic pace at work until the end of the first week. Pressures then begin to ease and by late month you'll be able to take a more relaxed view of life. It's as if you're approaching one of those peaks where things suddenly kick into overdrive.

The Rahu moves into Leo, the house of career, early in the January and will remain here throughout the year. In astrology the Rahu signifies unusual events, with unusual speed and method of delivery also remains unconventional. So be prepared for experiencing something unexpected that may happen without any prior indication.

Much can be achieved - and fast. Important decisions can be made now. If a crucial matter concerning your work situation has hung in the balance over the past few months, this is the time when you find out one way or another. The good news is that a positive trend enters the astrological frame in the last quarter of 2016. A new wave rises suddenly giving you fresh momentum and inspiration.

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Scorpio Free Money Horoscope 2016

The underlying theme of change and transformation affects many areas of your life as the New Year approaches. This is especially so at a practical and material level where financial interests are brought into sharper focus. It might not be a totally easy ride in December, and you may need to exercise discipline when 1t comes to festive expenditure.

If possible, deal with important matters early in the month. What takes place around the 10th may call for some strategic re-structuring to keep things steady. Be prepared to postpone major purchases. Repair broken items rather than simply splashing out on new ones - it's not always necessary. By late month you'll have a clear perspective on how to optimize your current resources.

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Scorpio Free Love & Marriage Horoscope 2016

An unexpected twist of events sheds new light on a situation. There's something of an action replay in your love life that promises to change your expectations, hopes and wishes. An affair that's probably been on and off over the past few months gets to a stage where you bring down the curtain once and for all. But don't be surprised if an unexpected twist of events suddenly throws a whole new light on the situation.

It's just when everything seems to be a hopeless cause that new light dawn and you realize that, after all the doubt and uncertainty, there is a genuine affinity between you and another person. Give it the benefit of the doubt. If by middle of year you still feel uncertain the decision will have been made for you. Meanwhile, established ties of love and friendship go from strength to strength.

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