Gemini Free Yearly Horoscope Predictions 2016

Surely it will prove to be a fortunate year with respect to career and financial growth. You may experience some significant changes on domestic front as well.

Gemini Free Career Horoscope 2016

The year starts with Mercury in 8th house of unexpectedness. Consequently you can expect flip flops in ongoing situations, especially when Mercury turns retrograde and moves into Sagittarius on January 14. These highs and lows may continue throughout the first quarter of 2016. Later on things will get settled and eventually you will able to make the most f the favorable situations that come your way. Your yearly horoscope for career is revealing that if you can get through the first quarter of year without clashing with colleagues or getting in a muddle, then it will be a plain sailing from then on. Your best strategy is to stick with the familiar, even if someone is pressuring you into taking on extra work temporarily. There's a danger that you'll be exploited and end up running around like a headless chicken.

Playing the martyr is all very well and it's a role you often get into. But far from making you feel virtuous it only causes resentment and a feeling of being used. Transiting Jupiter in one of the important areas of yearly horoscope hinting get wise and don't let others cloud the vision of what you wish to achieve. Apart from this, you can expect to make good progress, especially from the second week when a friendly state of affairs assures you that everyone is making a positive contribution

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Gemini Free Money Horoscope 2016

Year starts with Venus and Saturn in same house of yearly horoscope. The importance of Venus and Saturn in astrology, especially for the people born in Gemini sign can not be described in words. The duo of Venus and Saturn is stirring a feeling of optimism surrounding material and financial interests. Working together, these two planets generate an unusually fortunate vibe and signal a phase of opportunities and lucky breaks. The agenda for year ahead has been set by these two planets. Now it’s up to you, how you tap the transit of the two planets into financial success.

The Jupiter in 3rd house of your astrology chart is signaling that you might not be about to make a fortune overnight, but if certainly looks as if your material status is on the upswing - and will continue to rise as a few supportive planets move through the money sector of your year horoscope in 2016! Be warned that being selfish or acting on impulse could ruin the good terms you have with your partner, friends (or parents if you still live with them). One small act of extravagance is all it needs to spoil the fun. Get organized and consider others.

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Gemini Free Love & Marriage Horoscope 2016

With harmonizing sway of Jupiter on 7th house of long-term relationship and partnerships, something decidedly romantic beckons and a journey might provide you with the key to your heart's desires.

It’s pretty inevitable in your yearly astrology horoscope for 2016 that the threads or destiny are woven, giving an unexpected twist to the development of amorous encounters. Everything contrives to create an aura of magic. If you wish to make the best of the preva1hng cosmic vibes don't fret over past affairs. It's essential to be open to fresh experiences and be ready to welcome a new love and significant friends into your life. Transiting Venus and Mercury in important areas of your horoscope throughout the years are hinting that the pattern is changing and what begins to take shape. You may experience lovely enrichment in your life over the coming 12 months. Enjoy and cherish this.

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