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Planets in Astrology and Their Significance

Planetary Colors, Deities and their Use:-


From the Sun onwards the respective hues of the planets are copper-red, white, blood-red, green, yellow, variegated and black. The deities for these planets are, respectively, Fire, Water, Kartikeya, Vishnu, Indra, Sachi Devi and Brahma. The planets from the Sun onward should be worshipped by the Mantras concerned and, if trips to the respective directions are undertaken one can gain gold, gems, elephants etc. 

Sex, Caste and Elements:-


The Moon and Venus are females. Mercury and Saturn rule neutrals. Males are Jupiter, the Sun and Mars. Brahmins are ruled by Jupiter and Venus. The Sun and Mars preside over the royal lot. The Moon rules Vaishya. Saturn rules those of mixed breed, while Mercury presides over Shudra. The five primordial compounds, viz. Fire, Earth, Ether, Water and Air are, respectively, ruled by planets from Mars onwards. 

Planetary Tastes and Abodes:-


The planets from the Sun on are attributed tastes, as acrid, saline, bitter, mixed, sweet, sour (acidulous) and astringent. Their abodes, respectively, are temples, water resorts, fire houses, sports ground, treasury, bed-room and dirty places. 

Natural Friendship, Neutrality and Enmity between Planets:


The Sun's friends are Jupiter, Mars and the Moon. The Moon's friends are the Sun and Mercury. The Sun, the Moon and Jupiter are friendly to Mars. Venus and the Sun are Mercury's friends. The Sun, Moon and Mars are friendly disposed to Jupiter. Saturn and Mercury are friends of Venus. Mercury and Venus are Saturn's friends. The Sun's enemies are Venus and Saturn. The Moon has no enemies. Mercury is inimical to Mars, while the Moon is Mercury's enemy. Venus and Mercury are the enemies of Jupiter. The Moon and the Sun are enemies of Venus. Saturn's enemies are the Sun, the Moon and Mars. If a planet is neither a friend, nor an enemy of another one, there exists neutrality among them.

Temporary Friendship and Enmity between Planets: 


If a planet is in the 12th, 4th, 2nd, 10th, 11th and 3rd from another planet, then there is temporary friendship between the two. If the position is in the 6th, 7th, 8th, 1st, 5th, or the 9th, then there is temporary enmity among them. (This may be applied to a birth horoscope, horary horoscope, or any such other context) 

Five Kinds of Considerations of Relationship:


Should there be temporary friendship and natural friendship between two planets, then they become extremely friendly. If there is natural neutrality and temporary friendship, there exists only friendship between two planets. If there is natural enmity and temporary friendship, they are neutral in relationship. Should they be naturally neutral and temporarily inimical, they are only inimical. If there is enmity both naturally and temporarily, then they are greatly inimical to each other. 

Directional and Positional Strengths:


Jupiter and Mercury have directional strength, while in the Ascendant (East), the Sun and Mars in the 10th (South), Saturn in the 7th (West) and the Moon and Venus in the 4th (North). If a planet is in exaltation, Mulatrikona, own House, friendly House, or own NAVMANSA and aspected by a benefic, it assumes strength. The Moon and Venus are strong in even RASHISH, while the rest are so in odd RASHISH, This is called positional strength

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