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Virgo August 2013 Horoscope Monthly Astrology Predictions

Most of the planets are lined up in 2nd, 10th and 11th houses most of the month. However, one of your key planets, Venus will remain in Leo till August 11th. Basically this is an encouraging month where your career, finance and relationship related matters are concerned. However, unnecessary expenditures can keep you disturb until Venus moves into Virgo on August 11th.


Undoubtedly career and income related matters will remain on the top of list, but you will try to manage some time for relationships and love affair as well.


Mars in 10th house can bring some tensions in professional life. It will try to affect your personal life too, as Jupiter is conjoining with it in Gemini. The first thing that you have to in this month is controlling your unnecessary aggression and confrontational instincts. Work on your communications skills and try to be as humble as possible. Avoid from stirring up any controversy from your end. Keep in mind that this month has lot of to offer in career, so don’t allow your aggression to spoil the opportunities that are coming to your way after a long time.


If you keep focusing on professional matters, certainly you will able to make some significant changes in your life. A possibility of career growth or even promotion can not be ruled out.


Health wise it seems an ordinary month. But things may get worse as soon as Mercury moves into Leo on August 21st. Consult to a doctor immediately if feel anything wrong pertaining to health. 


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