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Virgo December 2015 Horoscope Monthly Astrology Predictions


Career and Finance: In the beginning of the month, your sign ruler Mercury is transiting through 2nd house. Here it will remain until 16th of October, when it move into Virgo in retrograde motion. Retrogression of Mercury can make you bit uncomfortable and unstable, but prior to that you would be doing well. So we can say that first house of month is full of happiness and success in career, but second half of the month can cause unpleasant events. You shall be able to focus better in your business after following in giving it a right direction. You might succeed in achieving your objective of giving a new height to your business. You will become practical oriented with physical endurance and perseverance. Relations with the persons of good standing and position will be helpful and may derive gains out of that. However when Mercury goes retrograded on October 16 and Sun enters into sign of debilitation on October 17th, and Mars begin to travel through 4th house on October 18, you should embrace yourself to face one problem after another. Deciding or finalizing something new would be a major challenge for you. Transiting Mars through Sagittarius might be responsible for change in Job or portfolio at work. The working conditions would be deteriorated. Gains through employer would be a tough task. Even your best would be highly recommended for very little gain. Possibly ssuccess will not come easily; planets indicate about clashes and conflicts with seniors. Quick money making plans must be scrutinized otherwise loss money and reputation is moderately potential.


Love and Relationship: Transit of planets related to personal life is not so good. As results you can expect disturbance in personal life. You might find yourself much aggressive. You might use foul and harsh language, which would be main reason of fights between you and your spouse. Additionally, your spouse may fall sick. Probably, you would not get desired support and cooperation from them at so many occasions during this month.


Education and Traveling: Planetary position is highly favorable for those who want prove their capabilities. You have to just utilize your nature potent to see the light of success.


Health: This month indicates a sound health.  However, if you are suffering from any chronic disease, you will consul to your doctor.



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