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Taurus November 2015 Horoscope Monthly Astrology Predictions


Career and Finance: Your sign ruler Venus is transiting in 5th house of emotions, romantic relationship, intellect and influence. This house also stands for obstructions in career. Here Venus is traveling along with Rahu and Sun. A debilitated and badly afflicted Venus has nothing special to offer, except unexpected difficulties in career and emotional disturbance. You might have to face sudden and unexpected hurdles related day to day work. Work burden would be rising and you might have to work hard. Even you will need to do much work than usual hours or time period. Due to rising work pressure your health and overall personality would be affected. Now small things would be make your irritated and frustrated. You will need a great help of those people who are associated with you. Approach of achievement would not be straightforward. There are very strong possibilities you may not able to keep favorable relations with higher authorities. Though this month is full of negative happenings, still you can expect a relief and positivity in life after 19th of October when Venus will start to transit in sign of Libra and Sun will also accompanying her. Venus in Libra (from 19th of November 2015) can unleash opportunities in career and simultaneously financial situation can improve. So be optimistic as things can take a turn for better in the 2nd half of the month.


Love and Relationship: Family atmosphere would be full of happiness and prosperity. Now you may lead a successful married or family life. There would be unexpected improvements in relations with spouse/friends/parents and relatives. A few matrimonial proposals might be there for unmarried natives. Overall, you would be quite happy towards your family life.


Health: You shall become careless about your food habits & daily routine. Because of it you shall suffer from loss of appetite, stomach disorder & weakness of liver or any wind disease might trouble you.

Miscellaneous: Not a desired period for buying-selling. However long distance or foreign traveling can yield desired fruits. This is an encouraging month in terms of education related matters. Possibly you shall be getting substantial success in your competitive examinations, because of if you shall win admiration for your intellectual abilities & performance. You shall do reasonably well in your competitive exams & departmental examinations.


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