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Taurus August 2013 Horoscope Monthly Astrology Predictions

Transit of your ruler Venus and another key planet Mercury would be crucial to set the agenda in the month of August. In the beginning of the month, Venus is going through 4th house of your horoscope. So it is showing peace and all the possible comforts for you.  It is possible that your focus will remain on domestic comforts and personal life till Venus transits in Leo. You will love to spare all the possible moments with your spouse/lover and loved ones. You may become more giving and helpful. Guiding someone to success on the academic front will prove a feather in your cap. Nothing can go wrong in a task entrusted to you, as you do it most meticulously. It seems a perfect month as far as your domestic and personal life is concerned. However, you will have to be cautious about your financial transactions when Mercury transits in 3rd house of your horoscope in sign of Cancer.  


Mercury will move into Cancer on August 4th. Here it will join the Sun, the 4th lord, until Sun moves into Leo on August 17th. It is possible that Mercury in Cancer can affect your decision making power as you might give priority to your emotions rather than mind and logics. So it is advisable to put off your important investments. Stay away from making huge financial transactions. However, if you will make the best use of your mind and wouldn’t allow your emotions to dominate your logics, there is no need to worry about your finance.


Career wise it is going to be a mixed month. Your 10th lord Saturn in sign of Libra has adequate strength to spruce up your career in a great way. However, transit of Saturn in star of Rahu can create some uncertainties or opposition from superiors too. It is also possible that people may not keep their promises made to you. At times it is difficult to make people understand that promises are made to be fulfilled not broken. Keep in mind blind trust will hamper your career growth.  Stay away from the people who don’t have intentions to support or extending a helping hand in a time of need.  


It is fact that some unforeseen problems are likely in career, but being a hard task master will help you a lot. So be committed about your work and it will solve all of your problems as quickly as possible.   


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