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Taurus August 2014 Horoscope Monthly Astrology Predictions

In the beginning of the month, your ascendant ruler Venus would be transiting in 2nd house, which is highly constructive. It means that there would be a rise in your status and if you are awaiting some kind of miracle in life it can happen. Later on Venus will move into Cancer on 7th of August, here it will join to Mercury, Sun and Jupiter as well. Though Venus in sign of Cancer can feel bit shaky, but association of Mercury and Sun can strengthen to it. So there is nothing that can’t be remedied by planetary configuration throughout the month.


Transiting Saturn and Mars in 6th house are very supportive for elevation in career and victory over rivals. Though transiting Jupiter in 3rd house doesn’t seem to be much beneficial, still it wouldn’t intend to harm you in any way. Averaged results would be experienced by you from Jupiter in terms of career and finance. But it can cause dramatic changes in your personality and behavior. Thus you will need to control your risk taking tendencies. Try to maintain healthy professional relations with peers, associates and seniors as well.  


Your personal relationships can become strained. Despite your best efforts maintaining a cordial relationship with your partner can be one the biggest challenges. This is something that can draw most of your attention. The bad health and irritating behavior of your partner can add fuel to fire.  Patience and diplomacy can help you to deal with ongoing adverse situations.


If something is wrong with your stomach or any other part of your body, it can demand a proper treatment or even an operation. So be prepared to cope with it.



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