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Pisces August 2013 Horoscope Monthly Astrology Predictions

Your ruler Jupiter is going through 4th house of horoscope. Usually such transit of Jupiter is not said to bestow favorable things.  It is possible that you might experience some sort of disturbance at home. Your domestic life may remain somewhat disturbed due to some reason or other. However, transit of Mars through Gemini till August 19th will surely try to protect you from the adverse circumstances created by Jupiter because Mars is one of the key planets for you and it holds the lordship of one of the most benefic house i.e. 9th house.   Even transiting Mars is in Gemini can create an opportunity to buy new land/home or at least you may earn by investing in real estate. A change in residence is also likely.


Career and finance wise this is a constructive month as your efforts may bear the fruits. Your ability to accomplish important task in a systematic manner would be appreciated by your seniors and co-workers as well. Certain you will have a bright career ahead. So be positive and implement your ideas into revamping your career.


As far as your married life is concerned, you aren’t going to face any difficulty as your 7th lord Mercury is transiting in 5th house romance. Despite some disturbance at home, you will able to manage cordial relations with your partner. However, some disturbance can be seen when Mercury will move into Leo on August 21st. so you need to watchful from August 21st to end of the month.



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