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Pisces November 2015 Horoscope Monthly Astrology Predictions


Career and Finance: Your 10th ruler Jupiter is transiting through 5th house in constellation of Mercury, which in turn is in 8th house till October 16. This connection between can hamper your career prospects in one or another. Consequently the first half of the month can cause distress and frustration. Despite your bets efforts you wouldn’t able to do the things in a manner you want. Actually it’s not only Mercury which is liable to affect your career and financial situation, the transit of Venus and Sun is also seems unfavorable. Hence it would be slightly difficult to avoid useless and huge expenditures. Thus, you must try to control risk taking tendencies and extravagance so that you could have savings for future. You should not invest your hard earned money in stock market and other risky ventures. Possessions or savings may also be badly affected resulting financial stress, reduced comforts, and disturbed peace of mind.  If you are going to sell your property, you should reconsider about it and act accordingly.


Love and Relationship: It would be a difficult month in terms of personal relationships. Those are married may have conflicts with their spouse. A lack of mutual understanding would be major cause of disputes. Family atmosphere would be bothering. But, children might be cause of happiness and prosperity. During this month, Pisces born natives are advised to understand your life partner’s feelings properly.


Education and Traveling: It seems highly fortunate month for students! Now you will fully capable to perform as per your potent. Even results will surprise to your rivals! You might perform beyond than expectation. Utilize grace of planets and make proud your parents on you!


Health: Health wise this not a much favorable month. You need to take timely medicines and doctor’s advice.




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