Check Mangal Dosha in Kundli – Remedies to Remove and Cancel Manglik Dosha

check mangal dosha or not check mangal dosha or notMangal Dosha has been regarded as one of the dreaded combinations in horoscope. It is said if one is afflicted by Mangal Dosha, enjoying a peaceful and lasting married for her or him would be hard to realize. Our astrological analysis comprehensibly reveals all the facts and myths about and suggests the way to deal with it.

How to check or know if there is Mangal Dosha in Horoscope?

Astrologically it is very simple to identify whether you are a Manglik or not. See the placement of Mars in horoscope. If Mars is placed in 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house from Lagna, Moon or Venus, you are Manglik otherwise not. In south, astrologers include to 2nd house also. But in North India, no importance has given to placement of Mars in 2nd house and if Mars is placed in 2nd house, native is not considered as a Manglik.

What sort of results we can expect from Mangal Dosha?

It is said that Mangal Dosha can affect married life and longevity of both or one of the spouse. Placement of Mars in sensitive houses can affect the marital life in numerous ways. First it creates unexpected delay in marriage. There would be so many matrimonial proposals, but the person who is suffering from this Yoga wouldn’t able to convert one of those proposals into marriage. In the worst situation, even some natives don’t get a single marriage proposal throughout the life. On the other hand, after getting married, it can create disputes, misunderstandings, financial hardships and unusual hurdles in relationship. Definitely Mangal Dosha can strike a terror in hearts of so many Manglik people. But there is no need to get dishearten. Despite having Mangal Dosha in horoscope, one should be scared of it. If one Manglik gets marry to another manglik person, if intensity of Dosha is similar, it gets cancelled.

Want to know impact of Mangal Dosha in my horoscope

If you are interested in knowing whether you are manglik or Non-Manglik and how placement of Mars in your horoscope can affect your married life or relationship, we encourage you to buy this comprehensive Mangal Dosha Report for Personalized readings and know all about Mangal Dosha and its effects in your horoscope. Along with Mangal Dosha analysis we would also suggest remedies to minimize the ill-effects of it.

In this report we will discuss all about mangal Dosha and you can ask a question related it. However, any other specific question, which is not related to manglik, would not be answered in this report. If you want to ask other specific question (s), please Click Here

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