Progeny Report - Horoscope analysis for Children, Conception and Remedies

  • What Progeny report is?

    baby born after treatmentProgeny horoscope is a complete astrological analysis of your horoscope based on your birth details. Prepared to explore the possibilities of conception and timing of having children.

  • How will it help ?

    woman want to get pregnantApart from letting you know all possible curses and planetary positions which are delaying child birth and creating other complications, progeny horoscope suggests tried and tested remedies to have children and smooth delivery.

  • For whom is Progeny report?

    Why Order Progeny HoroscopeThis horoscope is surely for you if you are childless, facing problems in having kids or just curious to know whether you will have children.

Children are utmost blessing of almighty. One starts their new life with their children & feels their emotions. Children are one who inherit your cultural values and keep it alive.

If it has been a long time since you got married, but despite best efforts you are not able to conceive or have suffered from miscarriages or stillbirth, you need our progeny horoscope to understand your progeny prospects in detail. This astrology report is completely based on Indian astrology because Indian system of astrology is scientific and there are accurate method of predicting progeny related matters (timing of having and conceiving a baby).

In Vedic astrology 5th house represents progeny. Jupiter is natural karaka for progeny. Saptansh or D-7 is divisional chart that represents children. Venus & mars are planets that represent reproductively in women & men respectively. If they get weak in any horoscope then it is for sure that one will have problem in getting child & may be medical help is required in such cases. Pitri dosha, sarp dosha, Barren signs in 5th house with any kind of association with malefic or badhaka planet delays or denies child birth.

We will study your and your partner's horoscope to identify exact reason behind delay in having children, abortion, stillbirth and other issues related to progeny. In addition to this our astrologers will suggest effective remedies to overcome all possible problems. Remedies can be based on astrology and medical science.

In a Nutshell, What This Progeny Horoscope Covers

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