Astrology based progeny report predicts timing of having children, conception and gives solution for complications

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Progeny Report

Children are utmost blessing of almighty. One starts their new life with their children & feels their emotions. Children are one who inherit your cultural values and keep it alive. In Vedic astrology 5th house represents progeny. Jupiter is natural karaka for progeny. Saptansh or D-7 is divisional chart that represents children. Venus & mars is planet that represent reproductively in women & men respectively. If they get weak in any horoscope then it is for sure that one will have problem in getting child & may be medical help is required in such cases. Pitri dosha, sarp dosha, Barren signs in 5th house with any kind of association with malefic or badhaka planet delays or denies child prospects.


If it has been long time since you get married then do order this report to know about future prospects about your child. What will be best time to be parent?


This Progeny astrology report is completely based on Indian astrology because Indian astrology is scientific and has a much accurate method of predicting progeny related matters (timing of having and conceiving a baby).


We will study your and your partner's horoscope to identify exact reason behind delay in having children, abortion, stillbirth and other issues related to progeny. In addition to this our astrologers will suggest effective remedies to overcome such problems. Remedies can be based on astrology and medical science.


Here is quick summary, what this progeny report will provide you:

  1. What is the strength of the horoscope on Children front?
  2. Will I have Children?
  3. When can the children be expected?
  4. What kinds of problems are seen? Will Pregnancy be smooth? What About Mother's health?
  5. What will be my good pregnancy periods?
  6. Will I miscarriage?
  7. How to avoid stillbirth of a child?
  8. Astrology Remedies for Gand Mool Nakshatra (if applicable).
  9. Astrology Remedies for getting children.

You could also ask any specific queries of yours related to Progeny Prospects which is not covered in the above points.


Product Name $ Rs
Progeny Report   $ 24 USD Rs.960 INR

Estimated Time of Delivery:

If you order this report now, we will deliver it to you via email within next 24 to 48 hours. Sunday is excluded.



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