Year Ahead Astrology Report with Reliable Horoscope Predictions for Next 12 Months

  • What Year Ahead Horoscope is?

    Importance of Vedic Year Ahead HoroscopeYear Ahead Horoscope is prepared to provide astrological predictions on all major aspects of life for next 12 months or one year. Since this is personalized horoscope, therefore we need your full birth details i.e. date of birth, month, year and time of birth along with birth city and country. In this astrology based report our astrologers analyze planetary combinations in your horoscope and correlate with them ongoing Dasha, Bhukti and Transits before making any predictions.

  • How will it help ?

    By having this horoscope, you can be aware of what event is likely to happen throughout next one year and that too well in advance. So you can plan your year accordingly and review existing and evaluate strategy to rise and bring improvements in life. Apart from predictions, you will get tried and tested remedies also to nullify evil influence of planets.

  • For whom is Year Ahead Horoscope?

    It doesn’t matter, whether you are in service or business, student, unemployed, unmarried or married, this horoscope is suitable for people from all walks of life.

You might be interested in knowing that how this year is going to be for you in terms of personal life and professional life as well. In addition to this, you may also want to know about your health, investments and overall growth throughout this year. If you are a student then getting predictions about your education prospects could be on the top of the list for you. To answer almost all your questions we at astromitra have designed a comprehensive astrology report named Year Ahead Report. This astrological report is indented to cover almost all those events which are likely to occur this year. 

Actually our great ancient seers have given a number of formulas to figure out the probable events during a year. One of those formulas Varshphal is quite famous and it accurately predicts about a person. If ongoing Dasha-Bhukti and transit effects are also blended with Varshphal (annual horoscope), we can get extraordinary results. Our astrologers have got expertise in doing so. That’s why we are able to predict almost every possible event well in advance through horoscope.

By having this report in your hands, you will have an advantage of going ahead than others because you will be aware in advance about the good and bad periods which are going to take place this year. Suppose you are in a process of taking some decisive steps with respect to your career, investments or marriage etc., our astrologers will guide you when there is an appropriate time to do so this year.

This Year Ahead package will cover complete predictions for one year + Ask One Question (Free)

In a nutshell, this astrology report can be used as a guide for upcoming one year. All the events that are likely to happen this year would be discussed in detail.

Here is quick summary, what this yearahead report covers:

Product Name Price in $ Price in INR
Year Ahead   $ 24 USD Rs.1100 INR
Estimated Time of Delivery:
If you order this report now, we will deliver it to you via email within next 4 to 5 days. Sunday is excluded.

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