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Business Horoscope Predictions Business-HoroscopeIf you are going to start your new business or you are already running a business or you are just curious to know whether self-employed or service is better you, this business astrology report is meant for you. Our astrologers will analyze complete planetary positions in your horoscope to figure out exact picture of your business and financial position.

Astrologically, if 5 or more planets are in six houses from 7th to 12th or from 10th to 3rd, the native is likely to be self-employed. ‘At this stage I would likely to give only one ‘modification’ of the thumb rule: ‘The thumb rule may not make one to be self employed if functionally malefic Saturnine influence is found on the Moon, on the 10th lord, the 10th house, Lagna or the Lagna lord."

In any normal analysis of a horoscope we would take Lagna, Lagna lord, the tenth house and the tenth lord; Nakshatras and Dashas, particularly yoga karaka one — a three fold analysis.

Placement of Saturn in one’s horoscopes plays a very important role in terms of decision business or service. Hence, add to these Saturn’s- rule, which in modern terms should be called positive or negative. If Saturn is well placed and it is exalted in horoscope, it will give self-employment with very good success. If it is debility or not well placed, it would be hard to have a successful business.

Now three entirely new elements have been introduced: the Tattwa of the Rashi Concerned; distribution of planets between the seventh house and twelfth house or between the tenth house and the third house: and finally the Parmatmansha planets and their Nakshatras.

Our idea of an astrological research is like a musical composition, classical in form with intermingling of ragas. We must intermingle lesser used concepts of astrology, like Parmatmansha planets and their Nakshatras, elements of Nabhas yogas, influence of Tattwas and expand our understanding of lesser used Concepts through actual application.

We provide full-length astrology reports! Authentic and ancient Indian astrology techniques are used to create the most accurate and easy to understand astrology reports for you!

Here is quick summary, what this Business horoscope provides:

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