Dosha and Remedies Horoscope Report – Astrology for Remedial Measures, Solving Problems in Astrology

Doshas and Remedies in Horoscope Doshas and Remedies in Horoscope"Doshas and remedies report" is intended to provide analysis of unfavorable planetary positions in your horoscope, identifying curses of this birth and previous birth as well in order to solve the problems, you are facing now. It said that all the curses can be cured through mantra, homam, yajna or through gemstones.

Our birth chart indicates our journey of life path. One has to face evens and odds through out life in various ratios. Birth chart depicts good events in form rajyogas and other auspicious yogas, whereas bad events in form of Sadesati, kalsarpa dosha etc.

Dashas play important role in frutification of all such planetary combinations present in horoscope. Nobody wants to be unhappy in their life but sometime they have to go through hard test of life which exerts people physically and mentally. Somebody works with dedication to achieve something but couldn’t get it despite hard efforts. It happens due to some malefic doshas such as pitri dosha, rin dosha present in horoscope.

There numerous Doshas and curses are mentioned in astrological classics and other books which can obstruct your way to success. If such Doshas are present in a horoscope, even despite putting best efforts one would be deprived of cherished fruits.

Some of important Doshas are listed below:

Astrology is a divine science which is not only inclined to tell negative traits of person but it helps person with help of few remedies to minimize effects of all doshas present in their horoscope. Some eligible people can’t get married due to presence of manglik dosha in their horoscope. These doshas make life miserable and unsatisfactory.

Due to it person suffer in various fields of life, may it be education, job, business, relations, married life, children or anything. Doshas present in birth chart can never be removed completely; they can only be minimized with appropriate remedies done at right time as suggested by learned astrologer.

Get your birthchart scanned by our extremely talented astrologers to know about all doshas present in your horoscope & remedies to get relieved from it, to make your life more content and happy.

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