Newborn baby astrology report gives future predictions and overall horoscope analysis

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Child Birth Report

Parents can never free their mind from worrying for their child. It’s a natural phenomenon that no parents can see their child in suffering and always pray the best things come in life of their child. This report is beneficiary for those who are already blessed with children and want to know more about future & relation with their child.


Our astrologers will let you know what things you can do to make your bonding strong with your child. This astrology report is aimed to predict future of newborn baby. However, you can buy this horoscope for a child of any age.


Order this report & be answered by our extremely intelligent astrologers to pacify all your queries about your child & his/her future life prospects.

Here is quick summary, what this Newborn birth report will provide you:

  1. Birth star analysis and predictions
  2. Name suggestion according to birth star
  3. Moon sign and birth ascendant predictions
  4. Child Mentality and intelligence analysis
  5. Health analysis and predictions
  6. Education predictions
  7. Career analysis and suggestion for appropriate vocation
  8. Analysis of Rajyogas (combination for power and fame) in horoscope
  9. Analysis of Dhanayogas (combination for wealth) in horoscope
  10. Analysis of Malefic or adverse combinations in horoscope
  11. General health of parents
  12. Unique & simple but time-tested remedies to minimize upcoming as well as current problems

You could also ask any specific queries of yours related to Newborn birth report which is not covered in the above points.


Product Name $ Rs
Birth Report   $ 25 USD Rs.1000 INR


Estimated Time of Delivery:

If you order this report now, we will deliver it to you via email within next 24 to 48 hours. Sunday is excluded.


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