Astrological Remedies Reports to Solve Problems/Issues

Dosha and Remedies Report

astro remedial measuresThe dominance of evil planets in horoscope can produce problems at various levels. Not only your career, but marriage, love, health and financial situation may also suffer badly and unnecessarily. It doesn’t matter whether you are well educated, experienced and have all the qualities which are required to succeed in life. Still you may not able to achieve what you want, if key or sensitive houses are influenced by bad planets. Dosha and Remedies Astrology Report

Sade Sati Analysis and Remedies

shani Sade Sati ImpactsWe have heard lot of about Sade Sati. It is said that during this phase of life our good and bad Karmas visit us and Lord Saturn does justice accordingly. If by the way, you have done some bad deeds in this birth or even previous births, you can face mild to extremely terrible results. However, Lord Saturn or Shani dev is very kind hearted, he can be pleased by performing some easy remedies. Visit main page for more details - Sade Sati Analysis and Remedies

Gemstone Recommendation

gemstonesMost commonly across the world, gemstones are worn to attract luck, increase income, remove obstacles in career or business, early marriage and enjoying married life. But do you know, recommending a suitable gemstone isn’t as easy as it is advertised? An inappropriate can harm you like anything. So be careful. Get your Gemstone Recommendation Report

Mangal Dosha Report with Remedies

mangal devThese report discuses all about placement of Mars in your birth chart. You get explicit and straightforward explanation in a very lucid style. By having this report, you will able to know whether you are Manglik or nor, if yes then what are effective and time-tested remedies to negate all the negativity of this Dosha. Read More & Get Your Mangal Dosha Report with Remedies

Lal Kitab Remedies

lal kitab upayA full-fledged Lal Kitab horoscope and remedies report lists Lal Kitab based Dashas, Teva Type, Interpretation for nine planets according to Lal Kitab, Remedies for every planet separately and at the last page you get remedies for your current situations. Go to main service page & Get Your Lal Kitab Remedies

Ask a question

ask astrology upay for problemsIf you have a very specific problem and looking remedies for the same, you can go with this service. We will analysis your horoscope to understand the problem thoroughly and after going through your birth chart, divisional charts, ongoing planetary periods and transit; we will suggest clear cut remedies to solve your specific problems. Go to main service page & Ask any Astrology Question

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