Jupiter Transit in Libra 2018 Guru Peyarchi Predictions

Jupiter transits in Libra from September 12, 2017 to October 11, 2018. Jupiter – Libra combination isn’t that great. One signifies spirituality whereas the other inclines towards worldly pleasures. And on top of that the ruler of Libra, the Venus, is known to have enmity with noble Jupiter for ages. A clash of ideologies, ideas and concepts may cause uncertainty. So transiting Jupiter here is set to pose a few challenges which we have to overcome successfully.

As far as mundane astrology is concerned, it would be an adverse move for India with respect to religious sentiments. Wicked miscreants can stir up a few controversies in different sections of society in the name of religion.

Table given below demonstrates how transit of Jupiter in Libra can affect all 12 zodiac signs and individuals.

Your Sign Transit in
Transit Effects - Predictions
Aries 7th 8.4 mg
Taurus 6th 69.7 mg
Gemini 5th 10.3 mg
Cancer 4th 8.4 mg
Leo 3rd

Differences with siblings, neighbors and relatives are on the cards. Improvements in married and love life are likely to happen. Slumps in career may frustrate you. Money matters need to be handle with care. Chances of exceling in studies and competitive exams are higher.

Virgo 2nd

Plenty of opportunities to rise in life. Jupiter provides money, fulfillment of desires, acquisition of parental property; marriage and domestic happiness all are for you during this transit gain of fame, promotion, honor and enjoyment with opposite sex is also there

Libra 1st

Those in service will find new opportunities for Job. Politicians may struggle to maintain credibility. The relatives and close associates will have increasing demands, which will be difficult for you to handle. There will be many misunderstandings with Love ones, some relations may end on this account even married life will be marital discard may also occur

Scorpio 12th

Huge expenditures, mental tensions, delay in day to day pursuits and pilgrimage is result of Jupiter in 1st house. This period indicates legal difficulties in professional life. There can be long journeys. Disturbance in married life, children may also suffer or fail to accomplish desired results.

Sagittarius 11th Prosperity decreed as the planet of finance transits the favorable 11th house. Finest sources of income and long-awaited wishes can be fulfilled. Promotion is possible. Jupiter will open door to success. You may have numerous opportunities to make your talent worthwhile. Your efforts can give immediate results and satisfaction
Capricorn 10th 10.3 mg
Aquarius 9th 10.3 mg
Pisces 8th 8.4 mg

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