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Sun in Hindu Astrology

Sun - Surya Planet in Vedic Astrology

Sun is the king of planetary cabinet and it is the most important planet of the system. The sun is Satvik and fiery by nature. It belongs to Kshatriya caste.


The symbol of Sun is circle with a centre point. No other planet has a point in its symbol. The point expresses the divine spreading within the circumscribed area and again converging the centre.

Sun is a square and well built in shape. Scanty but curly hair, sparse eyebrows, impressive voice, medium stature, with the long arms and strong bones, red eyesight, good intelligence, firm temperament and lovely appearance.


Karaka of - Sun is karaka of Father, health, power, courage, kings royal favor, high status, dominance, heat, summer, medicine, mountain, forest, right eye, Govt. officials.


When Sun is Strong in Horoscope:-


If, Sun is well placed or it is in exalted sign in the natal chart, it bestow to native, vitality, courage, power, authority, self confidence, resistance to disease, comfort from father, reputation, will power, favor from royalty and very good eyesight.


When Sun is Afflicted in Horoscope:-


If, sun is placed over the 6th or 8th house in debilitated position or it is aspected or conjoined by natural malefic and enemy plants, it provide to native, arrogant, over ambition, proud, irritable, face public opposition, difference, poor eyesight, heart diseases, bone weakness and native may also suffer due to poor blood circulation.


If Sun (Surya) is badly placed in your horoscope (also known as teva, kundli and birth chart) and not giving expected or yielded results, you should recite Surya Mantra 216 times everyday in the morning to minimize the ill effects of Surya Graha.


The mantra is as follows:



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