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Cheap Gemstones in India

Gemstones inherit miraculous powers and create equilibrium between aura circle and divine cosmic bodies. It removes negative energies and evokes positive energies around us through their magnificent powers. These stones are very much effective in remedial measures of Vedic astrology. Every Gem is not suitable fore everybody.

Before wearing Gemstones it should be checked that whether stone is suitable on parameters of birth chart and its ongoing Dasha. Precious gemstones are not in financial reach of everybody that’s why there are few semi precious stones which do the same work but with less intensity.

It is always suggested that wear gemstone after proper recommendation by Vedic astrologer and completing necessary divine rituals. Gemstones are used to get control over mood swings, aggressiveness, and blood pressure. It brings self-confidence, good luck, success to its wearer and it increases phenomena of recuperation from long-term illness. From ages people are being benefited by wearing these stones.

Getting Authentic Precious and semiprecious gemstones at reasonable price is always desired by common man. There are so many things spread out to check authenticity of gemstones in people. But to check it genuineness one has to be blessed with knowledge of gems and jewels. Here you will get pure quality gems at very reasonable price & complete guidance of procedure to wear it.

This comply mantra for recitation before wearing that stone and necessary rituals done before wearing it. Alongwith it you will get Laboratory certificate which states purity of gemstones to ensure you about fair dealing you are getting from us.

Gemstones according to planets:

  1. Sun – Ruby or Manikya is suggested to wear to strengthen Sun
  2. Moon – Pearl or Moti should wear to dilute bad effects of Moon
  3. Mars – If this planet is weak or not giving good results, Red Coral or Moonga is recommended
  4. Mercury – Wear Emerald or Panna to get positive results from Mercury
  5. Jupiter- Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj is recommend for Jupiter in a gold ring
  6. Venus – You can wear Opal or Diamond for Venus in silver or platinum ring
  7. Saturn – Ancient seers have suggested Blue Sapphire or Neelam for this planet
  8. Rahu – Hessonite or Gomed is best for Rahu
  9. Ketu – Cats Eye gemstone should wear for Ketu Graha
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