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Venus - Shukra Planet in Vedic Astrology

Venus is minister of the planetary cabinet. Venus is known as BHARGAVA & BHRIGU. Venus is RAJSIK, airy and BRAHMIN by caste. The symbol of Venus is a cross hanging down from a circle. The cross is a union between positive and negative on which divine energy is poured from above.

Venus is beautiful, has long hands, broad chest and face, is very seminal, splendorous, has dark, short and extended hair, is of complexion, which is a mix of yellow and green, is sensuous, windy and phlegmatic, very fortunate, wears multi-colored apparels, is of RAJSIK disposition, sportive, intelligent, Broad-eyed and has prominent shoulders.

Venus is Significator or Karaka of:-

According to Indian Vedic astrology Venus is karaka planet of wife, youth, beauty, vehicles, sexual pleasure, wealth, flowers, scents and perfumes.


When Venus is Afflicted in Horoscope:-


If Venus is occupied at angle, trine or in her sign of exaltation she bestow beauty, refinement, good marriage, happiness, capacity of enjoyment, comfort, affection, love for fine arts, luxurious, vehicle, attractive eyes and wealth.


When Venus is Afflicted in Horoscope:-


When Venus is not well placed or she is in sign of debilitation she indicates about disturbed marriage life, divorce, defame through sex scandals, loss of wealth and vehicle.

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