Indian Astrology and its Components

27 Birth Stars Or Nakshatra

birth star descriptionThere are total 27 birth stars in Indian astrology, each consisting 13 degrees and 20 minutes. There is a great importance of birth stars in predictive astrology as each birth or constellation is determined by transit of quickest moving planet the Moon. It reveals all about your personality, fortunes/misfortunes, professional and personal life.
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9 Vedic Planets

sun and planetsIf you are fascinated by Vedic planets or interested in knowing all about 9 planets thoroughly, this full-fledged section of site is recommended to visit. All important things related to planets are revealed there.
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Numerology Predictions for 1 to 9 Numbers

free numerology from 1 to 9This section of website lists numerological predictions for all the numbers. A detailed analysis of your personal number with respect to career, marriage and finance is given separately and precisely.
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12 Moon Signs Analysis

moon sign analysisThe zodiac sign in which Moon was transiting at the time of birth is called Moon sign. Influence of Moon over human beings is considered to be greater than any other planet as Moon signifies mental body.
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12 Ascendants or Lagna

Ascendant and their importanceApart from Moon sign, Lagna needs to be checked to judge innate nature, personality and overall prosperity of any individual. We have given a detailed analysis of all 12 ascendants. Everything about ascendants has been explained precisely and in way very lucid way.
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Planets Transit Interpretation

planetary transit impact on human beingsEverything surrounding us in our environment, including our body and mind, less or more is impacted by heavenly transiting planets. We experience significant changes in our lives and atmosphere the way planets changes their signs and constellation and make conjunction or aspect with another planes.
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Astrology Articles

article and predictive  methodThe best way to learn astrology is hang out with astrologers, spiritual practitioners and keeps reading astrology books and articles. We have written a few astrological articles to enrich your skills further and let you know how to make the most of ancient and contemporary astrological techniques.
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Functional Malefic and Benefic Planets

identifying evil planetsFirst planets are classified as natural malefic and evil planets in Indian astrology. Then they are termed as functional benefic and malefic with respect to each Lagna/Ascendant. In this way a planet is liable to act as per its lordship in each Lagna irrespective of being natural good or bad.
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Zodiac Signs in Indian Astrology

understanding zodiac signsIt’s not just the nature or personality of native which is revealed by a zodiac in astrology, but a number of other important things concerning different areas of horoscope can be judged and predicted. This is what we have attempted in this piece of writing.
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Importance and use of planets in astrology

There are a number of things which you actually need to know about planets to understand astrology better. Planets caste, tastes, adobes and deities, temporary and natural friendship play an important role when it comes to judge a planet in Indian astrology.
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