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Understanding Concept of Vedic Astrology

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Jyotish is derived from two words i.e. jyoti+ish, which means light of God. Jyotish or Vedic astrology is that divine light of lord with help of which we can enlighten our souls and make karma path easily. Our ancient Sages derived this science after spending years of dedicated studies filled with devotion of Almighty. They did it for betterment of forthcoming generations.


One surely has to face results of wrong karmas done in past & present life but if somebody realizes his mistake then this science helps him to overcome from miseries of all past karmas. 9 planets, 12 signs & 27 constellations are basic parameters of this science on basis which all calculations & predictions are made.


This science is little bit different from modern days science, like in modern science everything is solar centric but here all calculations were made on geo centric position. Muhurat, Horoscope matching, mundane events, predictive astrology, horary are various branches of Vedic astrology which are the greatest blessings to humanity.


With its help we can see future and plan it according to that. If something wrong going to happen we can change it with our constant and righteous efforts. Remedies suggested by our ancient texts includes mantra (recitation of divine’s name), daan(charity), snaan (Pilgrimage), mani (Gemstones) aur aushadi (Medicines). Depending upon the circumstances above said remedies can ease life and make it comfortable. In Sanskrit astrologer is termed as devagya who is blessed by God to see & help other people to reconstruct their lives in positive way.


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The Ayanmasha


Indian astrology is also known sidereal astrology; it is pretty different than tropical astrology. The factor that makes different Indian astrology from western astrology is “Ayanamsa”.


Let’s understand what actually Ayanamsa is:


The zodiac that is used in Vedic Astrology is very different from the one used in Western Astrology. The Vedic system uses the sidereal (fixed) zodiac, which is based on the actual positions of the stars. The zodiac used in Western Astrology is the tropical zodiac, which is based on the seasons, and has in principle no particular connection with the position of the stars. The difference between the sidereal and tropical zodiac is called the Ayanamsha.


In this century, the difference is around 23 degrees, less than 1 sign. If you know the sign and degree of a planet in a Western Astrology horoscope, you will have to subtract the Ayanamsha to find the position according to the Vedic method. In many cases (about 75%), the Grahas in the Vedic chart are one sign prior to the Western chart. For example three quarters of the people who think of themselves of being a "Virgo" are actually a "Leo" in Vedic.




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