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Jupiter in Hindu Astrology

Jupiter - Guru Planet in Vedic Astrology

Jupiter is BRAHMA and GURU of planetary cabinet. He is benefic and SATVIK and fiery. The symbol of Jupiter is a right ward convene are attached to the left horizontal line of a cross. It represents the spiritualism linked with materials.

The eyes of Jupiter are somewhat reddish-brown. He is learned in Vedas. His voice resembles that of a lion. He is firm and prominently SATVIK. His physical complexion is akin to pure yellow metal. He has broad and prominent chest. He is always fond of virtues and is modest. He has firm and large eyes and is of forgiving disposition. He wears yellow apparels, is phlegmatic, fat and pre-eminent.

Jupiter is Significator or Karaka of:-

According to Indian Vedic Astrology, Jupiter is karaka planet of knowledge, happiness, learning, fruitful trees.


When Jupiter is Strong in Horoscope:-


If, Jupiter is occupied over the angle or trine or it is in sign of exaltation it strongly bestow wealth, prosperity, success, happiness, good morals of conduct, respect and reputation, respect for elders and teachers, good mental & physical health, optimism, sound judgment wisdom, spirituality, generous nature, happiness from children.


When Jupiter is Afflicted in Horoscope:-


If, Jupiter is occupied over the 6th, 8th or 12th or in his sign of debilitation, he provides extremes, over generous, over indulgence, bad reputation, bad judgment, struggle, loss in litigation.


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