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making families happyhoroscope matching for marriage and relationshipIt is Indian Astrology which, with ease, picks out your good and bad periods. It is the right manner of utilizing the astrological knowledge if you invest in spirituality when this going is good so that you have enough savings when the going gets bad.

The main purpose of this Life Report is Future Planning. This is the area where the utility of our Detailed Life Astrology Report stands out in gallant assistance. In future planning all differences areas — marriage, love, children, wealth, health, foreign traveling, education, buying/selling property/vehicle, profession and are being taken up to highlight the Utility of our Life Report.

Life Astrology’s utility is exploited to the fullest when actions are so organized that they make maximum use of a good period. If an astrologer forecasts the date of marriage of a girl the -parents can with confidence double their efforts in that period to find a suitable groom. A good period for competitions can, in a similar fashion be used to score professional successes. The utility of this Astrology report lies in increasing the efforts for the likely events. This would maximize tile gainful efforts.

Detailed life report means that you will get predictions on all the aspects of life in just One astrology report.

Astrologers will not only analyze your horoscope, but they will also give time frame predictions for you. This detailed life report will contain Dasha-Bhukti Event Analysis for Rest of Your Life – You will get Full Life Dasha analysis. At the end of life report, you will get reliable astrological remedies i.e. Puja, Homam, Mantra, Gemstone, Rudraksha to delete all your problems in life.

A Brief Overview : What You will Get in This Detailed Life Report

Career anlysis

Our astrologers will give Dasha-Wise career predictions for rest of your life. With this detailed life report you will able to take decisions about your career in advance. Astrologers will also suggest suitable career for you. At the same time, astrological remedies would be suggested to dilute problems in career/business/profession.

Finance Prospects analysis

In this section astrologers will focus on wealth giving houses and you will get comprehensive analysis of 2nd and 11th houses of your horoscope to determine the flow of wealth or income.

Marriage and relationship analysis

Timing of marriage, nature and characteristics of prospective spouse, future of marriage, and life after marriage would be discussed in marriage horoscope section. You will get bad and good periods for married life. Bad periods for married life will help you a lot as you would be better prepared to face any adverse situation.

Education, property, foreign traveling and health predictions

You will able to know that how would be your education? What are the chances of higher education? Will you face any hurdle in studies? If yes, what are probable bad periods for education? Detailed life astrology report gives probable periods for buying new property and vehicle. Our astrologers will predict whether you will visit to foreign country or not. At the same time, astrologers will give probable time for foreign and long distance journeys. Under health section we will predict, will you able to maintain a good health or not? How would be your health throughout the life? What about your longevity? When you will suffer due to health problems? What type of diseases will occur? Short periods for bad health would be mentioned in this report along with detailed analysis of health related houses and planets.

Gemstone Recommendation

A gem stone can change your life dramatically, but you will need to be careful at the time of selecting a gemstone because a wrong gemstone can be cause of huge disaster or disturbance in life. Our experienced astrologers will analyze your horoscope to prepare a detailed gemstone Recommendation report.

Yantra Recommendation

Worshipping of Vedic Yantra can bring prosperity and happiness for you, but Yantra must be according to planetary configuration in your horoscope. This section of detailed life report is dedicated to suggest a lucky Vedic Yantra for you

Kaal Sarpa Yoga

Occurrence of Kaal Sarpa Yoga can block your overall growth and you can find yourself in big financial crisis. Our astrologers will analyze to check this Yoga in your horoscope and they will also suggest reliable remedies to overcome.

This is a best astrology report to buy. It porvides predictions on all aspects of life.

You can also ask any one specific question. Kindly note, this report will not cover day to day predictions, you will get Dasha-Bhukti wise predictions only. We are committed to give complete satisfaction to our customers.

You will receive Life Report within 10 to 12 days after you place your order

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