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Saturn - Shani Planet in Vedic Astrology

Saturn is the servant of the planetary cabinet. Saturn is TAMSIK, airy and SHUDRA by caste.

The symbol of Saturn is a cross to which two semicircle are hooked at the lower end. The combination represents the matters and spirit.

Saturn has red and depressed eyes, emaciated body, and prominent veins, indolent, black-bodied and windy in temperament. He is a talebearer. He is muscular, unkind, foolish, has large nails and teeth, is very dirty, impure, TAMSIK in disposition, fierce, short-tempered and old (worn out). He adores black apparels.

Saturn is Significator or Karaka of:-

Saturn is karaka planet of longevity, sorrow, misery, old age, death, poverty, renunciation, distant, places, falsehood, foreigners and sin.


When Saturn is Strong in Horoscope:-


If, Saturn is well placed in the natal chart native may get endurance, economy thrift, industrious, patience, confidence, secrets, permanence, stability, sense of control, sense of duty, accuracy, caution, concentration, sincerity,


When Saturn is Afflicted in Horoscope:-


If sun Saturn is suffered due to placement or it is occupied over the sign of debilitation native may suffered due to poverty, death, misfortune, delays, chronic disease, and old age, laborious and menial work.

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