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Transit Results of Planets >> Saturn Transit in Libra 2014

After transiting in Virgo for more than 2 years and 6 month, Saturn will move into Libra on November 15, 2011 around the 13:08, Indian Standard Time. Saturn will remain in Libra upto November 02, 2014. Later on it will move into Scorpio. Due to transit of Saturn in Libra, those are born in Virgo, Libra and Scorpio moon sign would be under the Sade-Sati of Saturn.


At the same time, people born under the Leo moon sign will get rid of bad effects of Shani Sadhe Sati.


Who are under the Sade Sati?


People born in Virgo, Libra and Scorpio moon signs are under the influence of Saturn Sade Sati.


Who are under the Shani Dhaiya?


Cancer and Pisces born natives are passing through the Saturn Dhaiya.


Who are not going through Sade Sati?


Those have their moon sign Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius are free from Sade Sati and Dhaiya.


How transit of Saturn will influence career, finance, health, education and family life? If in your horoscope, Saturn is well placed (functional benefic, exalted, Mooltrikona, own sign), it will give its best results.


Well placed Saturn will give some auspicious events like, marriage, birth of children, promotion at work, business, victory in election and foreign travel. But, if Saturn is ill-placed (debility, combusted, indulge in planetary war or in inimical sign) in your horoscope, you might be witness of misfortune. Sade-Sati might be painful and problematic from the mental, physical and financial point of view.


The moment people hear about Sade-Sati of Saturn, they get worried and fearful. During the Sade-Sati of Saturn the person may experience laziness, mental stress, disputes, problems due to ailments and enemies, losses due to theft and fire and death of elders in the family might occur.


Here is uick suymmery, how Saturn's transit in Libra can influnce all the 12 Zodiac signs: -


Aries - Mesha Rasi: From your sign Saturn is going through 7th house of long-term relationship, marriage and independent business. This house shows yours public image too. Basically transiting Saturn in Libra is favorable in terms of business, day to day income, long-term relationships and public life. However at times differences of opinion will arise between couple, no matter how close you are to each other. So focus on your relationships and don’t get disillusioned by Saturn in Libra.


Taurus – Vrishabha Rashi: You are one of those lucky guys who are born with Saturn on their side because according to your sign Taurus, Saturn is considered as functional benefic planet by virtue of having lordship of 9th and 10th houses. So Saturn is bound to give you favorable results, but not always. In some circumstances, Saturn may work against your wishes too. But during its transit in Libra, Saturn is going to confer encouraging results for you. This is the time when things will work in your favor and you can expect elevation in your position at work place. You would be much comfortable than ever. However, if Saturn is weak in natal chart or not having required strength to utilize current favors of transiting Saturn or it is obtaining less points in Ashtakvarga, in this case ordinary results would be enjoyed by you.


Gemini – Mithuna Rasi: As per your sign Saturn is going through 5th house of education, children, management, speculation and romance! By and large transit of Saturn is in 5th house is not considered much favorable. Hence you can face some tensions related to children, romance and education. But I can see a rise in your management skills. You will able to develop or learn something new this time. Career and finance wise, this is not a bad transit at all. But please spend wisely and this is not a time to speculate.


Cancer – Karka Rasi: For you Saturn is going through 4th house of peace, domestic life and assets. You can expect a lack of peace, concentration and happiness. Change is residence is likely. Drive carefully and you are prone to meet accidents now. Slump in career is possible. By and large financially you will remain in an ordinary position.


Leo – Simha Rasi: Despite being functional malefic planet for you, Saturn is bound to bring prosperity and success for you. But you wouldn’t perform as per your capability at work place. Laziness may dominate you. Relations with siblings and neighbors wouldn’t remain upto mark.


Virgo – Kanya Rasi: Circumstances may force you to take some loan or debt from one of your friends or relatives. Despite having regular sources of income, you wouldn’t have sufficient bank balances as unnecessary spending may leave you high and dry. This is an okay period for career and married life.


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