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Red Coral Gemstone, Benefits, day and time to wear, Red Coral genuine birthstone in India with price and mantra

Astrologically, Red Coral is associated with Mars. IN Vedic astrology, Mars represents police department, courage, self confidence, army, doctors, surgeons, scientists, dental treatment, chemical studies, agriculture, weapons, engineers, gold, defense services, DEBT, LOANS and land or property. 


Precious coral or red coral is the common name given to Corallium rubrum and several related species of marine coral. The distinguishing characteristic of precious corals is their durable and intensely colored red or pink skeleton, which is used for making jewelry.


Coral is made of deposits of calcium and secretions from the invertebrate "coral polyp". The deposits are built up in a structure resembling plants with branches. This creature generally lives in calm water and builds the corals in depths from 20 feet to as deep as 1000 feet. Red corals are this color due to iron oxide within them and are generally found in depths of 100 to 150 feet. The shallower the water the darker the color of coral and, obviously, the deeper the water the lighter the shades of color found.


As with most red gemstones, Red Coral is associated with Mars and those born under that planetary influence (i.e., Aries or Scorpio). Wearing Red Coral or Red Coral made Jewelry is said to cool their intense fiery natures.


An important gemstone in Vedic Astrology, especially to those born under the sign of Aries. Thought to quell a fiery nature. The pink varieties are said to favor women born under those signs. 


Greek legend says red coral sprang from the droplets of blood from the Medusa. 


Pink Coral is thought to help one think and behave in a loving manner. Natural Healers consider Pink Coral important to the Heart Chakra. Sometimes associated with Cancer. 


Who should wear Red Coral? 


To strengthen Mars, wearing a red coral stone (best), or strand of beads is recommended. The deeper red it is in color the more potency it will have. I have seen startling results from proper use of this gem, even in the area of sexual desire and performance in men. 


Astrologically, Red Coral is highly beneficial for Aries and Scorpio born natives. However, if Mars is well placed in your horoscope or it is having lordship of important houses, you can also wear Red Coral. Red Coral is also suggested, if you are running under the main or sub-period of Mars. 


Before wearing a Red Coral, you are advised to consult a qualified astrologer about the placement and lordship of Mars in your horoscope. Red coral is a stone that has to be suggested with caution. While coral can be suggested where the planet is beneficial and favorable the same cannot be used to ward off its evil effects as perceived by many. 


Benefits of Red Coral Gem Stone 


Astrologically, Red Coral will give lots of courage, self-confidence, wealth, protection against diseases and black magic, patience, tolerance, spirit, steadiness, enthusiasm, support of siblings, everlasting stamina and wearing of Red Coral will also make you debt FREE. You will easily repay your loans/debt after wearing Red Coral.


Definitely, wearing Red Coral may remove various kinds of problems related to career, finance, health and marital life. Manglika natives may also wear Red Coral to remove ill-effects of Mangal Dosha.


Healers associate this stone with Pisces, circulation and increasing intuition (a Piscean trait). The diseases cured by Red Coral are blood infections, piles, high fever, aggressiveness, heat stroke, headache, pregnancy problems, itching, lack of calcium in the bones etc.

Healing Properties of Red Coral: Often said to protect the health of children. Thought to aid in blood/circulatory problems as well as menstrual/uterine concerns. Upon color fade age, the stone should be discarded and replaced.


Scientific Properties: Composed of Calcium Carbonate (Calcite). This is an organic gemstone made by living sea coral.


You can a get a 100% purified and original Red coral from us. Along with Red coral you will get an authentic method of wearing the Red coral i.e. metal, day, date, time, mantra and finger to wear Red Coral. 


Please Note: - Red coral would be 100% original and Laboratory tested. Hence, be tension free about the quality of Red coral. Just order now and enjoy the life with all comforts.


Shipping: We will ship this product at your door-step. Shipping in India is FREE. Shipping charges for out of India will depend on your location.


Contact us: If you are looking more information regarding this gem stone, please email us at offers loose gemstones in its Jewelry Store. You will get loose Red Coral from us via Courier at your address. On your request we can set this gemstone into a gold ring or pendant also. But for gold you will need to pay extra funds. Send an email after placing order, if you want this stone set into a gold ring or pendant.
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