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As we have seen, the birth chart reflects what circumstances in this life we can expect to experience. According to the Vedic literature, these effects are a result of past actions, actions in previous lifetimes.


Our time and place of birth is not random, it precisely specifies a birth chart for us, delivering the results of our past actions through the quality of Natural Law at the time of birth.


The act of birth imprints these laws in our physiology and the environment we are born in. The planetary positions are merely convenient indicators of those laws, accurate instruments to measure, calculate and interpret these laws. 


The interpretation of the birth chart is merely a reflection of our stage of evolution at the time of our birth; it does not limit us in any way to grow and improve upon it. Even though the analysis includes a lifetime of dashas and transits, one should realize that all of that remains relative to the evolutionary state at the time of birth. 


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Past actions are the result of past choices. When people become aware of choices that they no longer wish to keep, they can change their life by starting to choose differently. New choices will start creating new responses, which will gradually change our circumstances. Reactions and responses from past actions take time to manifest, and remove those karmas. Remedial measures are things we can do to help correct or neutralize the undesired results of past actions.


There are different types of remedial measures. 1) Meditation 2) Vedic Yagyas 3) Gems Actions


1) Meditation: - Meditation has various benefits that make it the best possible remedial measure. Meditation helps the mind to settle down, release stresses and strains in the nervous system, and improve mind body coordination. A technique like Transcendental meditation helps to increase the awareness of our unbounded self, breaking down attachments to values in the relative. Meditation helps to relax the mind so that new, better choices can be made, breaking the ongoing sustenance of choices that lead to undesired results. Meditation helps to neutralize the damaging effects of stress we have invited upon ourselves, and protects us from making mistakes due to overreacting to our sensory experiences. Increasing awareness of your true self will bring to the awareness our higher purpose and true desires earlier, without having to discover the same by experiencing grief over the results of trial and error.


2) Vedic Yagya:- The Vedic Knowledge has special procedures, called yagyas that can help neutralize undesired effects of the planetary positions. These yagyas are performed by Vedic Pandits, alone or in groups. The duration of a yagya can vary greatly from a few hours to a few weeks or even months.


3) Gems:- Gemstones are the purest and most concentrated substances found in natural form in Nature. There are hundreds of varieties in stones, greatly varying in quality and availability. Gemstones are usually used as remedial measure by wearing them. Each gem is associated with one of the planets. By having the gem in the proximity of the body, the body is effected by it's qualities. The effect of a gemstone is two fold: - it enlivens the effects of the corresponding planet in the chart - it purifies or worsens the quality of the planet it relates to The first type of effect is true of wearing or holding any object that is related to a particular planet. Wearing red clothes, driving a red car, or having red furniture will enliven Mars. The same is true for wearing a stone such as red coral. Whatever planet the object or gem is associated with, will become more active in life. For this reason alone, the gems associated with malefics are not recommended less often. However, that planet may have very good lordships in the chart which outweighs its natural malefic tendency.


For example for a chart with Cancer Lagna, Mars is the yoga karaka, ruling the 5th and 10th houses. Wearing red or wearing a red coral will enliven Mars as well as these 2 houses, and will generally be favorable. The second type of effect is dependant on the quality of the stone. A stone that is of inferior quality may enliven just that, the lesser desired qualities in the planet! A pure stone will help to "set the example" and will introduce the body and mind to a coherent expression of the planet in physical form. Just like homoeopathic medicine can stimulate the body through very small quantities of medicine, a proper and pure gem can stimulate auspicious manifestations of the planet.


The major gems for each of the planets are:


Sun : Red ruby
Moon : Pearl
Mars : Red coral
Mercury : Emerald
Jupiter : Yellow sapphire
Venus : Diamond
Saturn : Blue sapphire
Rahu : Hessonite
Ketu : Cat's eye


In general, the bigger the size of the stone, the stronger the effect. Wearing a stone that is too large, may give too much response, and a stone that is too little may give not enough. There are some ways to safely test the result of a gem before committing to wear it for a prolonged period of time.


One method prescribes to keep the gem under your pillow for one night, and observe how you feel the next morning. Another method advices to tape or attach the gem somewhere on your body and test it for a short period of time, observing any subtle responses you may experience.



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