Horoscope Matchmaking Analysis – Matching two Horoscopes for Marriage to Check Compatibility

Why Matchmaking analysis is necessary?

horoscope matching for marriage and relationshiphoroscope matching for marriage and relationshipLike a person, each horoscope is unique and wants to speak lots of things. We have to just capture these divine signals to enrich our lives. Fortunately we have a medium called astrology to glimpse into future of a relationship well in advance. By reading a horoscope, a profound astrologer can straightforwardly predict whether this person will have a successful married life or he or she is destined to suffer at the hands of destiny throughout the life. You can also know about his or her career, health, wealth and that too well in advance to augment the probability of leading a successful life! So Matchmaking analysis can do everything to avoid a bad horoscope which is heading to spoil your dreams. On the other hand, a horoscope that is promising bright future can be picked to marry!

How Horoscope Matchmaking Analysis can help? 

Whether you are planning on getting married or you are already married you will need this astrology based Horoscope matching Report to know exact future of your relationship. Astrology’s utility in guidance for marriage and relationship is immense. Systematically matched horoscopes can reduce the probabilities of divorce, separation and premature death of one of the partner. An astrologer who is learned and have years of experiensce of matching the horoscopes can study the inclinations and foretell the likely fructifications and draw up a relationship compatibility profile.

For a proper or scientific match making, it is necessary to analyze placement of Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Sun also in both horoscopes. It is well known that Mars represents aggression, short-temperness and disturbance in married life. At the same time, Sun is known for egoism, separation and tendency of obtaining much authority. Venus is natural significator of love romance, emotions and sexual life. If these planets are badly placed either in your horoscope or your partner’s horoscope problems in married life are obvious.

How horoscope matching is different from Guna Milan?

You will have to keep in mind that that horoscope matching is not the same as Gun Milan, and both are two different things. Gun Milan is just based on the position of Moon and eight fold analysis is provided to match mental compatibility of prospective couple, whereas horoscope matching is a detailed assessment of all nine planets in horoscope and placement of lords of certain houses is also taken into consideration before jumping to any conclusion. Planetary positions in Navmamsa chart and ongoing Dashas-Bhuktis are also seen to match the pattern of both the horoscopes.

Thus it is better to match planetary positions properly than leading a disturbed relationship. However, you are requested not to depend on Guna Milan or Mangal Dosha only. Our learned astrologers can help you in your quest to select a best life-partner via an ancient system of Matchmaking.

Here is quick summary, what this matchmaking analysis provides:

Product Name Price in $ Price in INR
Match Making Analysis   $ 24 USD Rs.1000 INR
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If you order this report now, we will deliver it to you via email within next 4 to 5 days. Sunday is excluded.

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