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How to select Lucky Gemstone How to select Lucky GemstoneUsually a gemstone is worn to gain prosperity, wealth, growth in career, success in education & interviews, marital cordial or to solve a specific problem. Whatever your purpose is a gemstone can help you to a great extent, if it is worn according to planetary alignment in your horoscope.

I want to make it clear in the beginning that one should never wear a gemstone on the basis of merely sun sign, moon sign or ascendant. Such gemstone can harm a lot instead of bestowing any benefit.  A gemstone worn without proper guidance or consultation can cause a sudden accident, loss in business, death of someone in family, loss of wealth, a lack of peace & concentration, health problems, downfall in life and defame in society etc.

I have noticed, nowadays jewelers are also suggesting gemstone to their clients.  It is hilarious. Basically a jeweler doesn’t possess any astrological knowledge, even basic concept of astrology is not clear to him. But still he is keen to recommend a gemstone to client that too on the basis of moon sign or other so called, but useless theories he has narrate to client/buyer. In such scenario jeweler’s purpose or intensions are very clear, he just wants to sell his precious gemstones, and unfortunately he is not interested or worried about the negative results that hapless buyer can face in future. 

Suggesting a gemstone to client for Lagna lord, 5th lord, 9th lord or 10th lord is also very common practice among the astrologers. Some astrologers have no hesitation, even in recommending a gemstone for Neech or debilitated planet in horoscope. But unfortunately wearing such gemstone is not going to help you at all unless lord of these houses are well placed or in a position to give you something.

We at astromitra are committed to provide best astrological guidance to our visitors. Our team of expert astrologers can suggest you a best gemstone that can significant changes in your life. First we deeply analyze your birth chart, divisional charts and then we will correlate planetary positions to your ongoing and upcoming Dashas in order to recommend a lucky gemstone for you.

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