Will I purchase a flat or house as per astrology? Property Real Estate and Vehicle Purchasing Astrology Aanalysis Predictions

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When will I purchase a house as per astrology? Is any possibility of having my own house in horoscope? What my stars say about property and vehicle buying/selling? Will I buy a new home in this year? Will I get bank loan to buy new house? How would be our dream house? How can we get happiness and peace in our home? If such questions strike your mind again and again, we are here to answer all such questions through astrology and planetary positions in your horoscope.


To answer all your questions relating to Property and Vehicle, we have designed a highly accurate property horoscope report.


With property prediction report, you will able to find the answers to your questions and more! It is astrology that can answer almost all questions related to property and vehicles because our ancient seers or astrologers have calculated some astrological formulas to predict about owning a house or vehicle.


In natal or Rasi chart, it is 4th house and its lord which give clue about property related matters. Out of nine planets, Saturn and Mars are main significator of land and construction whereas vehicles and luxuries items are ruled or owned by Venus. To sharpen the prediction, astrologer is advised by ancient seers to analyze the planetary positions in D4 for property and D16 for vehicle or conveyance.


If there is promise of buying property/land/vehicle in Rasi chart and concerned divisional chart as well, Dasha-Bhukti connected to these houses and appropriate transit can fix the time of buying such things.


Owning a house is practically a dream of every Indian. Once a gentleman said that ‘for a man house is his castle” However, in western civilization while there is emphasis on good living, and people have huge and beautiful mansions, the houses are more like machines to live in as the French proverb goes ‘Une masion est une machine — a habiter”. With their unstable marriages, weak family ties houses can rarely be called homes. In contrast to this the Indian civilization lays great stress on the sanctity of the homes. Here marriages are more stable, divorces till lately were unheard of and family ties are extremely strong.


To lead a happy and contented life possession of a house is of vital Importance, Therefore, a great stress has been laid on the ownership of property. An ancient prayer says, ‘Oh God, give me a beautiful home, so that I am able to convert it into a great place for worship”. House, family fidelity, worship of God and peace of mind went together, all to be used for the glory and service of Divine. The emphasis, therefore, on the 4th house ‘Sukhsthan’ became of paramount importance which relate to houses, property, mother and peace of mind. Being opposite to the 10th it makes connection with the strongest house in the horoscope, the house of ‘karma’, fame and righteousness.


In this Property Astrology Report we will discuss all about your home and all related planetary combinations. All events would be predicted in time-frame.

Here is quick summary, what this Property & Vehicle Report will provide you:

  1. Will I able to purchase a property during this year as per astrology?
  2. Will I have litigation on property in this coming year?
  3. Will I get parental property according to my horoscope?
  4. Can I earn through rent?
  5. Will my tenant create problems?
  6. How would be new property buying auspicious or inauspicious?
  7. How would be my new house? Luxurious or not?
  8. Is my horoscope indicating change in residence in this coming year?
  9. Remedies to minimize the malefic influences of concerned planets.

You could also ask any specific queries of yours related to this report which is not covered in the above points.


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