Share market or stock market astrology is highly useful when you are looking to gain maximum with very little efforts. You will get guidance according to planetary position and their transit in horoscope.
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Yearly Horoscopes-Share Market 2011

Significant Transits of Planets in the year 2011.


1) Jupiter will transit in Pisces upto 8th May and thereafter it will be in Aries. It will set in the West on 26th March and rise in East on 24th April. It will go retrograde on 30th August and will be direct on 26th December.

2) Saturn will transit in Virgo upto 15th November and thereafter it will be in Libra. It will turn retrograde on 26th January and will be Direct on 13a June. It will set in the Weston 28th September and will rise in the East on 28th October.

3) Rahu will transit in Sagittarius upto 6th June and then move into Scorpio. (Mean transit)

4) Ketu will transit in Gemini upto 6th June and then move into Taurus. (Mean transit)

5) Uranus will transit in Pisces for the whole year.

6) Neptune will transit in Aquarius for the whole year.

7) Pluto will transit in Sagittarius for the whole year.

8) Mars was set in the West on 3rd December 2010 and will rise in East on 6 May 2011.

9) Mercury will turn retrograde from 3 March to 23’ April, from 3rd August to 27th August, and from 24th November to 14th December.

10) Solar eclipse will occur on 4th January, 1 June and 1st July, 25th November, while Lunar eclipse will occur on 15th June, and on December, 2011.


Inter-planetary relationships like conjunction of Sun and Mercury, various planets occupying the constellations of Bharani, Krittika, Visakha and Sravana and critical Vedha positions cause the market rise or fall.



MAY 2011 Indian Share Market Predictions


During the month, market will remain the hands of Bull upto 15th and decline after 15th. Major planetary change is the rise of Mars in the East on 6”'. Solar ingress chart of Taurus on 15”' May indicates the first two weeks of the month with Bull trend, but third week of the month will be dual. Heavy volatility will be remarkable from 21” to 25th; market will try to recover from its bottom from 25th Bank, power, paper, information technology, metal, auto, cement will decline.

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