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Free Libra Weekly Astrology Predictions for This Week

Libra Weekly Predictions updated upto Saturday, December 05, 2015

You may now approach relationships with excessive romantic idealism. Of course, you could be lucky and meet someone who is as idealistic as you are but such individuals are very rare. It is more likely that you will place your lover on too high a pedestal, and then be disappointed when they do not live up to your expectation.


You may also be attracted to people who you feel need your help. In surrendering your own needs you may feel you are showing true love. But, you too are only human, and sooner or later your own needs will resurface, putting a great deal of strain on the relationship.


Do not place unrealistic expectations on others, and do not allow them to walk all over you. This is not a good time for legal proceedings as poor communications and misunderstandings are likely.

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