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Free Leo Weekly Astrology Predictions for This Week

Leo Weekly Predictions updated upto Saturday, November 28, 2015

Searching for a deeper meaning to life, mystical, metaphysical and religious matters will now attract you. You may join a group, or meet an individual, who will teach you a new philosophy or provide a more spiritual outlook. On the other hand, you may take up the role of teacher yourself. Either way, you will feel genuine sympathy for that in need and will want to help in any way you can. Just one word of warning, beware abusing alcohol or drugs.


Your home life may now be experienced as restricting, not very supportive, or lacking in emotional closeness, leaving you feeling unloved or inadequate. But if your sense of security is developed from within yourself, no one or nothing can take it away.


Expect additional responsibilities regarding parents or you 'parenting' someone, in some way. Major repairs may be required to the home, or expensive bills could drain finances. Having reached an all time low, from now on it is uphill all the way. The struggle is nearly over. This is a time of new beginnings, so make sure your home and personal life is in order before you move on.

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