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Free Aquarius Weekly Astrology Predictions for This Week

Aquarius Weekly Predictions updated upto Saturday, December 05, 2015

Greater self-confidence together with positive thoughts and actions will enable you to accomplish much more than usual during this time. You will be more aware of what is happening around you. Because you feel great you will be looking great!


Plans and projects are likely to proceed smoothly to a satisfactory and lucrative conclusion. Business transactions are therefore to be encouraged. Once in a lifetime chances should not be ignored - be they either business or personal.


New friendships will be formed, probably with influential people who can in some way help to raise your standard of living. For example, they may introduce you to new job opportunities, or provide support in business ventures. However, beware an element of arrogance with your newly acquired status. A temporary bout of giddiness at such new, previously unexplored, heights is understandable - but you must learn to quickly adjust and remember that everyone is equal.


Being quite lucky you may also win competitions around now - so why not fill in all the competition coupons you can find and keep your fingers crossed! Health should improve, but do beware the tendency to gain weight quickly. You should particularly avoid sweet foods; this is not a time to indulge your sweet cravings!

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