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Do you have a question? But you don’t have birth details i.e. birth date, month, year and timing of birth. Not a problem. Basically, any sincere question may be answered through horary astrology. You have to provide simple details i.e. Date, month and year and exact time of current (when you are asking this question).

Even where accurate birth chart is available, there are many areas of knowing immediate future or solving the immediate problems and anxieties of the querist which can be dealt only by a Prashna chart (Horary Chart) and the role of birth chart can at best be stated to be supplementary. For example, in case of theft the recovery of stolen property, the appearance of the thief etc.

In case of missing persons whether he is alive or dead, his present state of well being, whether captivity or not, chances of his release.

In case of illness the likelihood of recovery, whether the medicine is appropriate, whether the diagnosis is correct.

In case of marriage whether the person will get the girl of his choice, the prospects and auspiciousness of marriage.

In case of progeny whether the woman is pregnant, what will be the sex of the child.
In innumerable queries like this it is only the Prashna chart which can be relied upon to give amazingly accurate results. The importance of this field of specialization of astrology can be gauged from the fact that no astrologer can succeed in making predictions without deeply involving himself in Prashna. In Hindu mythology the creator of the universe, Lord Brahma, once approached the preserver Lord Vishnu and expressed his desire to learn Prashna to solve the anxieties pertaining to the immediate future. The origin of Prashna Shastra is hence as ancient.

The basis of Horary Astrology (Prashna)

The birth chart is constructed for the precise moment of birth of a child. Similarly the Prashna chart is constructed for the moment when the querist approaches the astrologer for knowing his future. There are many decisions which require careful analysis of pros and cons. Even people with the best of judgment may find difficulty in taking these decisions and thus they are tempted to approach the astrologer for guidance and counselling.

The main purpose of astrology is in the area of future planning, counseling and channelizing of energies or efforts in the right direction. We see so many misfits around us who keep on putting their efforts in one direction and end up as mediocres in a totally different field. If only appropriate counseling had been given at a suitable time, the entire fabric of the existence of any person may be different. Here would come the question whether a person can change his destiny. Yes, by right action, effort or karmas. Destiny is never deterministic. Our present karmas can change our destiny within the scope of adridha karma phala.

There must be a sincere and valid need for the answer.


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