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Numerology Number 6 Predictions : Vedic Astrology



You will hold an authoritative and powerful position in life. You will be of a normal height and well built. You will look attractive even in your latter years. You possess an alluring power that attracts people towards you. You are attracted by good music and art. You will possess disciplined and systematic ideas and approach. You are an egoistic person.




You will attain fame and wealth in your life. Your awareness, diplomatic skills, and organizational talents give you the ability to bring off difficult tasks. You willingly step out of the limelight to facilitate the success of your endeavor




Whatever job you may be engaged in, you perform it only after thinking deeply over it. You are very serious concerning your work. You will be able to accomplish anything with your determination and persistence. The suitable professions for this number are government jobs, electronics, fashion garments, cosmetics, hotels, interior decorations, import and export, defense and teaching.


Love & Relationships:


You usually tend to get involved in a lot of love affairs and are attracted more towards sexual relationships. You like to lead a social life. You will always try to entertain your friends and colleagues. You are very bold and courageous than compared to others in the family.




you may problems with the upper part of the lungs. You may also be troubled by kidney disorder and constipation, as you are inclined towards spicy foods and sweets. Breathing exercises and morning walk will be beneficial for you. You should avoid oily and spicy foods. Having melons, almonds and walnuts will prove to be useful to you


Birth # 6:
Element: Earth (practical & Methodological)
Planet : Venus
Best Day : Friday
Gem Stone : Diamond
Colors : All shades of blue



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