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Numerology Number 5 Predictions : Vedic Astrology



You possess a very gentle and delicate nature. You have a very curious and questioning mind and are willing to learn anything and everything, any time. Your nature prevents you from planning or making any long-term plans. You are an instinctive person and can precisely understand and foresee other people’s intentions. You are very responsive and are quick in giving answers even before a question is asked




You will have a good income and at the same time you will spend openly too. You do not hesitate in helping others; hence anybody can get their job done through you. You come out of your sufferings very easily and are quick to rebound from the heaviest loss that you have occurred.




You can become a great personality if you are well cultured and mannered and possess good qualities. There is nothing, which you cannot do better than others. You have the chances of becoming popular in government and among public. You can gain through travels and long distance journeys. Also suitable are professions like banking, telecom industry, electronics, publishing, legal professions.


Love & Relationships:


You fall in love very easily and hence you have to think carefully before entering marriage. There may be chances of indifferences with your spouse and at times it may also lead to big fights. You are overflowing with sex appeal and sexual heat. You are a sensuous lover who quickly jumps into physically intimate relationships, trying everything at least once.




You are prone to gastritis and kidney problems. You may suffer from overstrain of the nervous system flu, cough and skin problems and insomnia (poor sleep). You may also have troubles of lack of concentration and mental breakdown. You may often have nervous breakdowns due to exhaustion and overstrain. You should drink juices of all kind.


Birth # 5:
Element: Air (Thinking & Intellect)
Planet : Mercury
Best Day : Wednesday
Gem Stone : Emerald
Colors : Light mixed colors


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