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Numerology Number 2 Predictions : Vedic Astrology



You are usually gentle by nature and are very imaginative, artistic and romantic. Even though you admit your mistakes easily, you tend to repeat them again and again. You should increase your self-confidence and self-determination. You should avoid being restless and unsettled in life. Though you are an optimist, you sometimes lose faith in yourself. You tend to get depressed and gloomy very quickly.




You are a realist and a visionary planner. Money and authority are available to you if you are willing to discipline yourself -- generally an inborn talent -- and persevere in the face of the considerable obstacles in your path. You are dynamic and have a talent for efficiency.




You possess an attractive personality. You usually do many things in your life twice, because it is in exceptional cases that you succeed in your first attempt. Hence, you usually do not get the profit of your work as much as you should do and end up spending more money and time. Ideal professions suitable are electronics, computers, textiles, accountancy, shipping, diplomacy, film industry, chemicals and soft drinks.




You are a tender and gentle lover who likes to be in control. You think of love in terms of a heightened spiritual connection where your two souls (yours and your lover's) cease to be separated for wondrous moments in time, joining on a spiritual plane above. You are an intense lover!




Regarding health, you are usually prone to problems related to stomach , blood disorders and digestive organs. Hence, you should have as much cucumber, melon, cabbages and lettuce as possible. This will prove to be useful for your health. You should guard yourself against overwork and falling ill.


Birth # 2:

Element: Water (Feelings & Emotions)
Planet : Moon
Best Day : Monday
Gem Stone : Pearl
Colors : Cream, Green and white family



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