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Scorpio November 2015 Horoscope Monthly Astrology Predictions


Career and Finance: In the beginning of month your sign ruler Mars is going through your ascendant itself, whereas 10th lord Sun is transiting in 11th house of income and fulfillment of desires. Sun in 11th house will result in more success and happiness. Some of your projects that were stalled due to some reasons can be restarted. The first of month will certainly give a boost to your career. Financial situation is also expected to improve significantly. If you are in service and looking to change your present job, an opportunity to do so can come to your way before 17th of October. But it will thoroughly depend upon you, how you encash it. Due to your outstanding performance and vital knowledge, you can easily gain seniors favor. Planetary transit will definitely produce finest chance of getting outstanding success. And you will be capable to handle the situations intelligently. There should be an enhancement in your reputation also.


However things can start to act differently after 17th of October when Sun enters into Libra which is falling in 12th house from your ruling sign. Venus’ transit into Libra from 19th of October will also intensify the challenges produced by Sun.


Love and Relationship: Though till 16th of October, planets are not showing any major issue in personal life, but after it you might face some awkward situations in relationship. Domestic atmosphere will be disturbed and garnering required support from your partner can be very difficult. It is also possible that your partner wouldn’t able to have a good health and would be visiting to a doctor frequently.


Health: Health will remain okay to a good extent. However if you are already suffering from any diseases, immediately consult to a doctor.



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