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Libra December 2015 Horoscope Monthly Astrology Predictions


Career and Finance: In the beginning of the month, your sign ruler Venus is transiting through 12th house of losses and exhaustion. It might be hindering your progress until it moves into Libra on 19th of October. Till then Venus can cause of unnecessary problems in life. Your communication skills would not be effective at all. It is not only Venus that is causing problems, but afflicted Sun in 12th house is also going to intensify the negative results of Venus.  Though you can get some help from Mercury in Lagna and Jupiter in 10th house, but it wouldn’t be sufficient to cover the loss caused by Venus, Rahu and Sun. Hence you must try to control risk taking tendencies and extravagance so that you could have savings for future.


You should not invest your hard earned money in to stock market or in a sector about that your awareness or knowledge either is very limited or negligible. Possessions or savings may also be badly affected resulting financial stress, reduced comforts, and disturbed peace of mind.


However as soon as Venus enters into Libra, most of your problems would be either resolved or eliminated completely. So there would be improvements in professional and financial status.  During second half of month you practice stability in your career. You shall be able to perform challenging & difficult task on professional level. Till now the tasks were not coming under your grip & you were failing to get recognition for your efforts. But you shall see that now you would easily achieve credit & money. However, you should try to control foul and harsh speech as you might have disputes and misunderstandings with your seniors.


Love and Relationship: The transit of planets is indicating peaceful relationship. Possibly you would be obtaining expected moral and emotional support towards your spouse. This month can bring success in, enterprises, good health, all round prosperity, gain of wealth, and happy married fife. At the same time, your children would be doing well. Chances of celebrating any auspicious ceremony at home would be very high.


Health Prospects: Generally health wouldn’t remain okay and you might be forced to visit a doctor frequently, especially in the first half of ht month. But there would be some positive developments in terms of health in the second half of the month.



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