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Libra August 2013 Horoscope Monthly Astrology Predictions

In the early part of month, your sign ruler will be going through Leo. Later it will move into Virgo on August 11th. Transiting Venus in Leo can prove much rewarding than Virgo. Venus in Leo can increase your income and you may get support of your friends in times of need, especially your female friends will help you a lot. You too, will love to spend time with them.  Most of your expenditures will be on luxurious items, perfumes and fancy dresses. But as soon as Venus will start to transit in Leo, you will find yourself in vulnerable situations. First of all, your health wouldn’t remain okay and you may have to visit a doctor frequently. It will increase your expenditures too. Secondly your decision making power can get affected to a great extent and thirdly you wouldn’t able to maintain cordial or desired relations with the member of opposite sex. It is also possible that someone may make false allegations against you. It would be best idea to guard yourself against such possible incidents.


As we discussed that Venus in Virgo will create some complications for you. However, transit of Mercury and Sun will remain on your side and these planets have power to turn the things in your favor. If you put efforts to overcome problems which are you facing, you can get out of most of the problems very quickly. At the same time, your career prospects will be bright throughout the month. You might get more than one opportunities to broaden your horizons. Your professional skills would be praised by your seniors. An enhancement in reputation and income is likely.


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