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Leo August 2014 Horoscope Monthly Astrology Predictions

Mercury, 2nd and 11th lord, is transiting in 12th house of expenditures in the starting of month. As a result during the first half of the month, you might feel as if you're walking a tightrope financially at times. Be prepared for unforeseen glitches that might threaten to put a dent in your bank balance. Watch out for warning signals early in the month and be ready to take prompt remedial action, otherwise things could build up to a crisis by late month. However during the second half of the month, you are expect to gain handsomely. Simultaneously you cam also succeed in controlling unnecessary expenditures.


Forewarned is forearmed, so be ready with the heavy artillery!


What exactly I want to say about your career this month is things are swaying your way as you get serious and improve your offering


If money matters are a bit wobbly, the same cannot be said for career interests and employment because in the beginning of the month your 10th lord of career Venus is going through 11th house of gains and profits, though on 7th house of August it will the Gemini and start to transit in Cancer. But you shouldn’t worry about it. The transit of Venus and Mars in the important sector of your solar chart almost guarantees a steady rise in your status, probably on the strength of efforts made and experience gained over the past year or so. You may be in a no-nonsense frame of mind and more determined than ever to make good any shortfall in skills and qualifications. No need to stress just because wheels are grinding slowly in the second half of month.


Relationship wise it seems a good month. You arrive at the month with a feeling that at last something is really starting to happen in your love life. After a rather uncertain beginning and perhaps just when you're on the brink of closing a chapter for good, the whole thing suddenly takes a quantum leap forward. With Venus generating pleasant vibes in your own sign until the third week, you'll be extra sensitive and highly attuned to the attractive aura of a certain person. You might not quite be able to bring yourself to believe it, but, by late month, what seemed like a nonstarter finally comes full circle and a dream comes true.



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